BMR, BMI and Percent Body Fat

     Update on my weight loss journey:  My goal is to lose 80 pounds and then reevaluate.  So far I have lost 20.2 pounds!  Yay!  60 to go!  BMI is 33.9. So, maintaining a healthy weight is about more than just what the scale says.  It’s about body composition.  And it’s something you need to…

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What Can We Do?

   Yesterday we talked about how we are getting fatter and unhealthier at younger ages.  Today we’ll talk about what we can do about it. *Relax, everything is okay right now, this moment.  Find contentment, joy and gratitude with what you have. *Reconnect with and enjoy Mother Nature, her wisdom and her healing energy.  Do your…

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Weight Management

Hi! Welcome to our weight management blog! Glad to have you joining us! People are getting fatter and unhealthier at younger and younger ages! What is going on?  Despite: *New diet plans constantly being developed and marketed as “the answer” *People avoiding fat, choosing more low-fat, fat-free, reduced-fat foods/drinks *Record numbers of gyms, fitness centers, personal…

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