Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Bilberry

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Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Bilberry

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is a powerful antioxidant – both on its own and as a “recycler” of vitamin E and vitamin C.

It can restore the antioxidant properties of these vitamins after they’ve neutralized free radicals.

ALA also stimulates your body’s production of glutathione and helps absorb coenzyme Q10, both important antioxidants.

Because ALA is soluble in both water and fat, it can move into all parts of cells to deactivate free radicals.

Supplemental ALA has been used for almost 3 decades in Europe to treat nerve degeneration and to help control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

It also helps detoxify your liver of metal pollutants, block cataract formation, protect nerve tissues against oxidative stress, and reduce cholesterol levels.

It can be used with carnitine to provide an antiaging effect.

ALA is also known as a metabolic antioxidant, because without it, cells can’t use sugar to make energy.

Your body doesn’t make a lot of ALA, but because it’s found naturally in only a few foods, including spinach, broccoli, potatoes, brewer’s yeast, and organ meats, supplementation may be necessary.


The herb bilberry, a European relative of the American blueberry, has natural antioxidants that keep your capillary walls strong and flexible.

They also help to keep the flexibility of the walls of your red blood cells and let them pass through your capillaries more freely.

You already know vitamins C and E are good sources of antioxidants, but bilberry, which contains anthocyanidins, is also an antioxidant.

It also helps lower blood pressure, inhibits clot formation, and enhances blood supply to your nervous system.

Studies show anthocyanidins can provide up to 50 times the antioxidant protection of vitamin E and 10 times the protection of vitamin C.

And, this herb protects your eyes and may enhance vision; supports and strengthens collagen structures; inhibits the growth of bacteria; acts as an anti-inflammatory; and has antiaging and anticarcinogenic effects.

One study on the effects of bilberry on night vision found vision wasn’t improved with the amounts typically sold.

Tests have shown the compound glucoquinine, found in bilberry leaves, helps to lower blood sugar levels.

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