An Aspirin A Day

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An Aspirin A Day

Can’t you just take an aspirin a day?

Since inflammation is linked to heart disease, can’t you just take a daily aspirin to fend it off and keep your heart healthy?

After all, aspirin does a great job of reducing heart attacks.

It’s always been thought that aspirin works by preventing the production of “bad” eicosanoids that form blood clots.

Another reason aspirin is such a powerful weapon against heart attacks is it may reduce the production of pro-inflammatory eicosanoids inside an unstable plaque that would cause it to rupture in the first place.

Unfortunately, aspirin can also cause death by internal bleeding.

So it’s by no means the ideal drug for long-term suppression of silent inflammation in your heart.

But, high-dose fish oil accomplishes the same anti-inflammatory effects of aspirin.

Recent studies have shown taking high-dose fish oil for only 45 days can remarkably reduce the levels of inflammation in unstable plaques, making them much less likely to rupture.

Charlie Serhan of Harvard Medical School may have found the ultimate solution to reducing inflammation in your heart.

This links aspirin and fish oil and comes from his discovery of a new class of eicosanoids called aspirin-triggered epi-lipoxins.

These new eicosanoids are the most powerful anti-inflammatory eicosanoids known.

What’s fascinating, though, is the most powerful of these aspirin-triggered epi-lipoxins are made from EPA and DHA, the 2 fatty acids found in fish oil.

What this means is the more fish oil you consume, together with a low dose of aspirin, the greater your potential to make these newly discovered powerful anti-inflammatory epi-lipoxins.

If you’re at increased risk for heart disease, then taking low-dose aspirin plus high-dose fish oil may allow you to maximize your protection.

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(Based on Dr. Barry Sears’ “The Anti-Inflammation Zone”)

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