Antinutrient #5: Artificial Preservatives and Colors

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Antinutrient #5: Artificial Preservatives and Colors

Aside from the risks from HFCS and artificial sweeteners, here’s one more reason to avoid soda.

A major bottler settled a lawsuit with a group of parents who claimed several of the company’s products contained high levels of benzene, a known carcinogen also linked to serious thyroid damage.

Benzoate salts are added to soda to prevent mold growth.

A Consumer Reports test found when drinks with these salts sit in plastic soda bottles in direct sunlight or in heat, dangerous levels of benzene can form.

Coca-Cola removed the additives from several products, but these preservatives – and many others that haven’t been adequately tested – remain in many sodas on the shelf.

Hormone HomeworkDon’t take any chances – avoid any soda with sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate and vitamin C (ascorbic acid), as the combination of these 2 additives can create benzene.  If you must drink it, be sure to store your soda in a cool, dark place.

How could an idea with such a good intention – to prevent spoilage and food poisoning – go so incredibly wrong?

The artificial preservatives in our food supply age us and create all kinds of autoimmune disease, from multiple forms of cancer to MS.

Researchers are discovering more and more these preservatives are also likely to destroy our biochemistry, inhibit our metabolism, and interfere with our ability to lose weight.

For example:  A common preservative, butylated hydroxyanisole, or BHA, has been “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA, but is still “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.”

What sense does that make?

This chemical antioxidant helps prevent food spoilage, but it’s also an endocrine disruptor.

One study found the more BHA a male rat received, the less testosterone and T4 he had circulating in his body.

These little guys stopped wanting sex, they had fewer and weaker sperm, and their testes shrunk.

Plus, their livers and adrenal glands swelled up and their thyroid glands were completely screwed.

Now consider we eat BHA in hundreds of foods, including butter, lard, cereals, baked goods, sweets, beer, vegetable oils, potato chips, snack foods, nuts, dehydrated potatoes, flavoring agents, sausage, poultry and meat products, dry mixes for beverages and desserts, glazed fruits, chewing gum, active dry yeast, defoaming agents for beet sugar and yeast, and emulsion stabilizers for shortening.

BHA is also found in food packaging, lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eye shadows, and facial creams.

Even if the individual levels of BHA are “generally recognized as safe,” what happens when we use multiple products that all include them, or eat multiple servings?

And consider this:  BHA could be replaced by vitamin E or left out of some foods altogether.

So why take the risk?

Hormone HomeworkCheck packages for signs of BHA, which also goes by the names anisole, butylated hydroxy-; antioxyne B; antrancine 12; butylhydroxyanisole; tert-butyl hydroxyanisole; embanox; nepantiox 1-F; phenol, tert-butyl-4-methoxy; phenol, (1,1-dimethylethyl)-4-methoxy-; sustane 1-F; tenox BHA.  (You’re probably looking at this list thinking, “Are you kidding me?  How am I going to remember any of those?”  That’s exactly my point – see how it might be easier just to stay away from processed foods altogether?)

We could have this same conversation about so many chemical additives, for so many devastating health risks.

The debate has raged for decades about the link between kids’ behavior problems and artificial coloring and preservatives.

Pediatricians have often pooh-poohed parents’ concerns about these chemicals, citing government “generally regarded as safe” guidelines and saying parents are just looking for scapegoats for their kids’ bad behavior.

But a recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in The Lancet proved otherwise.

After preschoolers and grade-school kids ate an additive-free diet for 6 weeks, then reintroduced additives into their diets, their hyperactivity levels rose dramatically.

Considering the prevalence of ADHD in this country has risen to almost 1 in 10 kids, and a bunch of them are being put on medication as young as 4, maybe we should do something about this!

Hormone HomeworkAlways choose foods with the least number of artificial chemicals for your kids, and be on the lookout for artificial colors, many of which have been linked with thyroid, adrenal, bladder, kidney, and brain cancer.  The worst offenders are blue 1 and 2, green 3, red 3, and yellow 6.  But really, why subject them to any of this crap?  Choose color-free medication, and when you allow them a treat, make sure it’s a small portion of the real thing.  For example, give them real ice cream instead of rainbow freeze pops.

Some of the absolute worst preservatives for your metabolism are used in processed meats.

A landmark NIH study of more than 9,000 people found the single greatest predictor of a person’s chance of developing metabolic syndrome was a steady diet of hamburgers, hot dogs, and processed meats.

The sodium nitrate and nitrite in bacon, ham, lunch meat, and hot dogs give processed meat its pink color and prevent the spread of bacteria.

But a lot of that protection could easily be achieved with adequate refrigeration without risks to our health.

After analyzing more than 7,000 studies on diet and cancer risk, the American Institute for Cancer Research estimated for every 3.5 ounces of processed meat you eat per day – the equivalent of one hot dog and two slices of smoked turkey breast – your risk of colon cancer goes up by 42%.

Hormone HomeworkAvoid any processed meats, especially those that include nitrates or nitrites.  (Ask the deli counter clerk to read the label on the meat before slicing it for you.)  Choose fresh meat – look for organic or, at the very least, nitrite-free meats.  More and more grocery-store chains are developing their own low-cost brands.

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