Are We Exterminating Ourselves?

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Are We Exterminating Ourselves?

What is wrong with us?

Why do we seem to care so little about our own safety, our own health, and the future of our children?

Why are we willing to pay thousands of dollars for in vitro fertility treatments when we can’t conceive, but not a few extra dollars for the organic foods to help to preserve our reproductive health?

Whether or not organic foods are more nutritious isn’t the most important point.

The most important point is the growing scientific evidence suggesting the toxic chemicals we’re using to grow food are destroying us.

The USDA and scientists elsewhere have found significant nutrient declines in all crops in all regions over the past several decades.

Scientists disagree on why this is happening, but the USDA has shown a shocking lack of interest in the problem.

And government funding for nutritional research is microscopic compared to funding for other types of research.

Here’s what we do know:  Plants, animals, and people have immune systems.

When we’re in a natural environment and take good care of ourselves – eat right, exercise, sleep well, use basic hygiene techniques, feel loved and cared for, and actively take part in our communities – our immune systems are typically healthy and strong.

Constant exposure to natural pests taps into our inner resilience and makes us stronger, enabling us to develop antibodies to fight external threats.

But when we try to sterilize our environment or try to exterminate a weed, an insect, or a disease, nature fights back just as we would, launching even stronger attacks.

The result is viruses, diseases, and superpests that become resistant to pesticides.

The more we try to isolate ourselves and control nature, the weaker and more vulnerable we become.

There’s so much more we can study to help illuminate the problems with chemicals.

But there’s enough evidence to know now synthetic chemicals are destroying our health and our ability to reproduce and, thus, our ability to survive as a species.

Agricultural chemicals have statistically and significantly been implicated in causing all sorts of cancers, behavioral problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, Parkinson’s disease, reduced intelligence, infertility, miscarriage, diabetes, infant deformities, and low birth weight.

And with endocrine disruptions come genital deformities, early puberty, gender “issues,” and, again, diabetes and cancer.

But all this research comes from the few scientists courageous enough to swim against the tide, to resist the easy funding offered by chemical and pharmaceutical companies and the pressure of their peers who rely on the funding.

In our efforts to exterminate weeds, bacteria, fungi, insects, and diseases we may also be exterminating ourselves.

Much as tobacco companies suppressed information and test results showing how deadly their products were, much as they lobbied and advertised intensively to defend their right to sell products that would kill people, chemical companies have worked hard to quash research suggesting their products are harmful.

And part of their defense has been a major advertising and lobbying push insisting we simply can’t survive without their products, without GMOs, without chemicals.

We can’t feed the world without synthetic-chemical farming, they tell us.

The bad news is China, the land bringing us tainted toys and melamine in baby formula, is just getting on the GMO bandwagon.

From the beginning of time, we’ve had a love/hate relationship with nature.

On one hand, nature is the source of all abundance and the resources allowing us to live and thrive.

On the other hand, nature can be brutal and cruel – earthquakes, floods, droughts, and fires have often come without warning or reason.

Without protection, we’re vulnerable and fearful.

As a species, we remember starvation, famine, and plagues and don’t want those things to happen again.

What’s the antidote to fear?


Our use of chemicals to help us grow food stems from our desire to control nature and plays into our fear we won’t have enough or be safe until we control nature.

Yet, it’s very obvious we’ll never be able to control nature.

We may be able to understand it and work with it, but the universe is much larger and more powerful than any one of us or even all of us can be.

The sad truth is we’re just a small blip on the surface of time, a ripple on the ocean of life.

We need to begin looking at nature and this land and the soil as our allies rather than our enemies.

We need to be courageous enough to change the economic and political models rewarding destruction.

Each and every one of us needs to be willing to take action.

The results of this great chemical experiment are in and the findings are clear, yet they have been withheld, intentionally buried or, even worse, simply ignored.

Eliminating chemicals one at a time will never make a big enough difference.

By seemingly eliminating known toxins like DDT, Alar, and lead, we’re lulled into an illusion of safety.

But it is an illusion.

There’s only one way to ensure our safety:  We must stop poisoning ourselves now.

We must remove chemicals from the process of growing, harvesting, and preserving food.

It is possible to make this essential change.

When you see what it’s like to be a chemical farmer these days, and just how and why we ended up in this horrible situation, you’ll understand it’s our moral and ethical duty to change.

And the possibility for success is backed by science, government studies, and frankly, common sense.

We must demand organic; and we must do it now.

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