Ascorbic Acid Flush

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ascorbic acid

Ascorbic Acid Flush

Because vitamin C (ascorbic acid) promotes the healing of wounds and protects your body from bacterial infection, allergens, and other pollutants, it’s often a good thing to flush your body with ascorbic acid.

This therapy may help treat chemical allergies, influenza, and sprains, and it can help prevent other illnesses.

Your intake will likely exceed the upper limit of safety, which is 2,000 mg for adults over age 19; 1,200-1,800 mg for children age 9-18; and 400-650 mg for children age 1-8.

Procedure for Adults

Place 1,000 mg of ascorbic acid in a cup of water or juice.

To make this drink, use ascorbic acid in the form of either esterified vitamin C or a buffered product, like calcium ascorbate.

Take every half hour, keeping track of how much you take, until diarrhea results.

Count the number of teaspoons needed to produce diarrhea.

Subtract 1 teaspoon from this amount, and take the resulting ascorbic acid drink every 4 hours for 1-2 days.

During therapy, make sure your stool stays a tapioca-like consistency.

If it again becomes watery, decrease dosage as necessary.

Repeat this therapy once a month.

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