Back, Abdominals and Arms

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Back, Abdominals and Arms

In the last blog we talked about the basic anatomy of your hips, upper legs, lower legs, and torso.

Now we’ll talk about your back, abdominals and arms.

Lower Back

Your lower back has several muscles and the erector spinae are the most important.

Their primary purpose is torso extension, or straightening up from a bent-over position.

They also help with torso lateral flexion, or bending your torso to the side, and torso rotation, or twisting.


The 3 major muscles that make up your abdominals are the rectus abdominus, obliques, and transverse abdominus.

>The rectus abdominus, otherwise known as the eight-pack, is a long, narrow muscle that extends vertically across the front of your abdomen from your lower rib cage to your pelvis.

Its main function is torso flexion, which is when you pull your torso toward your lower body.

>The obliques, which are divided into external and internal, are on both sides of your midsection.

Both sets of obliques have the same 2 main functions:  torso lateral flexion, which is bending your body and your torso in the same direction, and torso rotation, which is turning your body away from your torso.

As you can see, your obliques are used in any movement where your torso bends laterally or twists.

>The transverse abdominus is the innermost layer of your abdominal muscles.

The fibers of this muscle run horizontally across the abdomen, and its main function is abdomen constriction.


The 3 main muscles in your arms are the biceps, triceps, and forearms.

>The bicep is the prominent muscle of your upper arm and is involved in elbow flexion, or bending your arms.

The biceps also help your upper back muscles with pulling and carrying.

>The tricep is a horseshoe-shaped muscle on the back of your upper arm.

Its main function is elbow extension, or straightening your arms.

The triceps help your chest and shoulder muscles in throwing and pushing.

>The forearm is made up of 2 muscle groups, anterior and posterior.

The anterior group on the top of your forearm helps with wrist flexion (bending your wrist) and pronation (turning your palm downward).

The posterior group on the bottom of your forearm helps with wrist extension (straightening your wrist) and supination (turning your palm upward).

Since the muscles of your forearms affect your wrists, hands, and fingers, they’re very important in pulling, carrying, climbing, and gripping.

In the next post, we’ll talk about cardio exercise.

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