Ban Agricultural Chemicals and GMOs

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Ban Agricultural Chemicals and GMOs

The problem we all face is we’re suffocating and exterminating ourselves as the result of our tendencies to see nature as the enemy and allow chemical companies to trick us into believing we can control it.

And hopefully some of the confusion about organic farming methods and foods has been cleared up.

Now, what can we do about it?

We must restore the earth’s natural ability to absorb and store carbon.

Going organic will do not only that, but it’ll heal the poisoning of our children, our water, our wildlife, and our world.

There are 5 clear and fairly straightforward things needing to happen, and each sector of society has an important job to do.

Government:  Ban Agricultural Chemicals and GMOs

We need to demand the government stop rewarding businesses that harm people and the planet by giving them subsidies and tax breaks and easing regulations.

We need to demand the government be on the side of the American people.

We owe it to future generations to put aside our philosophical differences and partisan politics and unite for what’s right for America and the world.

*The government must stop subsidizing chemical farming.

We need to completely overhaul the farm bill to encourage as many farmers as possible to transition to organic as quickly as possible.

*The tax structure should be aimed at taxing polluters at the highest rates and giving tax breaks to the people and companies doing the right things.

We need to reverse the model to incentivize businesses to do the right things.

We need to levy major taxes and penalties for the contamination chemical companies have caused.

When their products become more expensive their use will decline.

This idea is a lot closer to true free-market capitalism than what we now have.

Or, we could just ban them completely.

That would be best.

*Now, more than ever, we need regulations to protect all of us.

We need fair trade regulations to protect people we’ll never see or meet, but who make things we use every day.

We need health regulations to protect children around the world from chemicals that harm them.

We need global agreements enabling us all to work together to solve the climate, energy, health, and food crises.

*We need to be global leaders (not babies or bullies!)

Whenever politicians or corporate leaders say we won’t make changes unless China and India agree to “go first,” I shudder.

First, we created the problem.

Second, and most important, true leaders go first.

*We need to keep the USDA organic standards pure.

Even now, lobbyists are working hard to weaken the organic rules so chemical companies can sell their toxic products to farmers and get the higher prices commanded by organic foods.

Keeping the USDA Organic seal pure requires constant vigilance.

It’s time we acknowledge these companies as the bullies they are and have the courage and integrity to stand up to them to protect our organic standards and make them better.

*We need to encourage all elected officials to cut programs not working so we can spend money on things that do work.

We need to acknowledge when the government doesn’t subsidize education, business interests will step in to fund research and education as part of their marketing budgets.

We shouldn’t allow the chemical companies to underwrite 4-H and Future Farmers of America clubs.

We shouldn’t allow them to control our land-grant research universities with their funding.

We shouldn’t allow biotech companies to obstruct independent research!

We shouldn’t allow them to advertise to influence children.

These changes won’t come easily or without protest.

But there is precedence for this sort of change.

At one time, tobacco companies ruled the world and people smoked anywhere they wanted to.

Doctors appeared in ads promoting cigarette brands.

Now, although cigarettes remain on the market, it’s almost impossible to smoke in a public place.

We don’t have the 50 years it took to gradually wrest control from the tobacco companies.

(It took 70 years for the research showing smoking caused cancer to be taken seriously, a period over which millions of people died.)

This time, we – and especially those in government – need to be bold, decisive, and undeterrable.

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Have an awesome day!

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