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To make the bold changes we all know deep in our hearts need to be made will require independent thinking and focused action.

We’re up against strong forces.

Over decades of investing in deadly businesses, the chemical companies have mastered the art of infiltrating the minds of the public and government and anesthetizing us to any negatives associated with their products.

How do they do it?

People in general tend to gravitate to where the money is.

And the money today is in biotechnology.

The industry has spent millions – perhaps even billions – to advance its interests.

The chemical companies start working on the perceptions of potential consumers when they’re very young by becoming major funders of organizations like the 4-H Club and Future Farmers of America.

By the time those kids are in college, they’re grateful for the money Monsanto and others provide for research to help them “feed the world.”

Moreover, they’re the primary sources of funding for agricultural research at the university level.

They fund research at 75 of the 76 land-grant universities (not including the 29 Native American colleges).

You won’t be surprised to learn the research this money supports regularly comes out in favor of the funder.

The chemical industry’s iron grip on agricultural research doesn’t stop there.

GMO seeds are so strictly controlled by the companies developing them that scientists aren’t allowed to study them independently.

They must get permission from the companies to conduct research, and their research must be approved by the company before it’s published or submitted to the EPA.

Companies like Syngenta don’t allow scientists to compare the effectiveness of their products to those of competitors.

In 2009, 26 scientists, who declined to be named, submitted a statement to the EPA protesting this situation.

No one is required to test for the impact on human health before these products go to market.

Over the past decades, public universities have come to rely on private companies rather than the government for almost all of their funding.

As a result, the universities are increasingly beholden to the companies’ agendas.

When universities are able to conduct research on GMOs, it’s usually a fixed fight.

The research plots don’t include a best-practice organic plot; they only compare a GMO plot, for example, against a “conventional” plot that hasn’t been treated with chemicals.

So all of the soil is degraded and inferior in every way.

Only close examination of the study reports makes this bias apparent.

Many of these chemical companies have made sure money for research on organic agriculture is hard to come by.

And when universities are forward-thinking enough to establish sustainable agriculture departments, before long one or more of the agrichemical companies becomes a major funder.

In total, the chemical companies have billions and billions of dollars invested in maintaining the belief their methods are better.

It’s more of a fantasy than a belief, really.

But it’s a fantasy most Americans have bought into.

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