Beware of Fish Oil Contamination

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Beware of Fish Oil Contamination

As usual, there’s always a catch.

As good as high-dose fish oil is at controlling silent inflammation, it has a drawback:  contamination.

Make no mistake, there’s no fish on earth that isn’t contaminated.

For the past 2 generations, we’ve dumped a wide range of contaminants into the ocean, including mercury, PCBs, dioxins, and flame retardants.

Today more than 100,000 pounds of mercury are emitted from coal-burning power plants per year.

That’s why reports show almost all freshwater fish in America have significant mercury levels.

And the standard fish staple of the American diet, canned tuna fish, is in a prolonged battle to prevent it from being banned from the supermarket because of its mercury levels.

However, far more dangerous than mercury contamination are the growing levels of PCBs and dioxins in fish.

Although production of PCBs was stopped in 1977, these chemicals remain intact in our oceans because they take decades to break down.

Dioxins (the active component in Agent Orange, used to defoliate entire forests during the Vietnam War) will also remain in the environment for decades.

These contaminants are either known carcinogens or neurotoxins.

This is why American consumers are so confused about fish.

On one hand, the government says eat fish because they make us healthy, and then at the same time it says don’t eat fish because they’re contaminated.

Fish are simply at the end of the food chain in the ocean.

The bigger the fish, the more toxins it contains (remember, tuna is a pretty big fish even though the size of the can is small).

Since these contaminants are fat-soluble, they all end up in the fish oil.

This makes crude fish oil the “sewer of the sea.”

The majority of the fish oil supplements found in health food stores are only one step removed from any major chemical processing plant.

Ironically, fish farming doesn’t stop many of these problems.

It actually makes them worse.

The problem is farmed fish (especially salmon) have to be fed crude fish oil in order to reach normal growth.

Of course, the crude fish oil is contaminated with these toxins.

This is why the levels of PCBs and dioxins in farmed fish are actually significantly higher than in wild fish.

The Japanese consume enough fish and sea vegetables to keep their levels of silent inflammation under control, but at a cost.

Their blood levels of toxins, like PCBs and dioxins, are approaching the upper limits of safe because of the contaminated fish they’re eating.

Unfortunately, if you take fish oil supplements in amounts high enough to get their anti-inflammatory health benefits, you’ll also be getting a hefty dose of toxic substances.

So you’re left in a quandary:  reduce silent inflammation and risk increased toxicity, or do nothing?

The solution – in the next post!

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Have an awesome day!

(Based on Dr. Barry Sears’ “The Anti-Inflammation Zone”)

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