Birds And Bugs Are Being Killed

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Birds And Bugs Are Being Killed

Now there’s a new problem brewing.

Since all the “weeds” are gone, there’s less for the plant-eating birds to eat and no hospitality extended to all the good insects and birds keeping the naughty insects under control.

Suddenly, farmers have bug problems, so they have to apply insecticides to kill the bad bugs.

And the chemical companies rake in the dough.

Outbreaks of E. coli and other food-borne illnesses have generated concerns and demands for new safety measures.

Many E. coli outbreaks are linked to unsanitary slaughtering and harvesting, which is rampant in industrial agriculture.

Some studies have shown the unnatural diet of corn and soy fed to cattle in concentrated animal feeding operations increases the E. coli in their digestive tracts.

The chemical industry – in an effort to escape blame for its own foul deeds – has convinced the government that wildlife is the cause of disease outbreaks and are calling for “sterile” farms!

For centuries, farmers have relied on hedgerows and wetlands to keep their land healthy by preventing wind erosion and providing habitat for beneficial animals and insects.

Those are now being forcibly removed to prevent wildlife from walking through the crops, since most wildlife make their homes in the hedgerows and wild areas on and near farms.

The weather is a risk factor, too.

Add a flood or drought and the problems multiply.

A flood causes more run-off and erosion, and the wimpy root systems typical of chemically fed crops can’t maintain their flimsy grasp on the soil.

In a drought, irrigation can prevent some crop loss, but not all.

Chemically farmed plants are more fragile when they don’t have enough water because their weak root systems aren’t strong enough to find water.

Either way, the farmer must rely on insurance to cover his losses, banks to cover his costs, and the government to save his butt.

Insurance premiums are just one factor in the massive debt farmers accumulate.

The giant tractors they use cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Few chemical farmers ever pay off their debts.

Now it’s time to talk about sex.

All creatures are programmed from birth to reproduce, and reproduction happens with sex, even in plants.

Without sex, there are no corncobs, no soybeans, no fruits, no vegetables, no food.

GMOs are like one giant pandemic of sexually transmitted disease.

Pollen from these plants drift on the wind into non-GMO fields and do what comes naturally – procreate.

A perfectly good organic field becomes contaminated – raped, if you will.

Chemical companies – Monsanto is renowned for this – have claimed farmers who saved seeds from GMO crops stole their “intellectual property” and sued them for damages, in some cases even when the farmer swore he never planted them in the first place.

In recent years, Monsanto has filed at least 100 lawsuits around the country related to this “theft.”

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