Brain Drain Due to Silent Inflammation

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Brain Drain Due to Silent Inflammation

The mind is the last frontier of medical science.

Your brain contains thousands of unexplained mysteries.

Researchers remain humbled by its complexities as they try to pinpoint the exact areas of your brain responsible for how you speak, experience love, learn to hate, and express creativity.

Because of how complex it is, your brain is very sensitive to silent inflammation.

Since your brain has no pain receptors, silent inflammation could change into full-blown inflammation (enough to cause pain in other parts of your body), and you’d never know it.

That’s what makes neurological disease so terrifying.

You may have no idea your brain is under inflammatory attack until it’s too late, and irreversible disease has set in.

The dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease, for instance, currently can’t be reversed once the damage is done.

New medications may be able to slow Alzheimer’s but still can’t return the brain to its normal function.

Your best defense against brain drain, therefore, is a strong offense.

This means keeping silent inflammation under control on a lifetime basis.

High-dose fish oil is your main anti-inflammatory “drug.”

Unlike pharmaceuticals which have a hard time crossing your blood-brain barrier, fish oil doesn’t have that problem.

In fact, 60% of your brain’s dry weight is fat, and much of this comes from DHA, a critical part of nerve conduction, vision, and energy production.

This is why your grandmother may have referred to fish oil as “brain food.”

If fish oil is so important, isn’t it possible a lack of fish oil in your diet will negatively affect your brain function?

Wouldn’t you be more prone to neurological disease due to silent inflammation?

The answer to both questions is a resounding yes!

Population studies have shown people who live in countries where fish consumption is very high (like Japan) have the lowest rates in the world of neurological disorders like depression.

Yet, the amount of fish oil in the American diet has been steadily decreasing over the past century.

It’s estimated our consumption of fish oil is only 5% of what it was 100 years ago.

During the same time period we’ve had a dramatic increase in pro-inflammatory omega-6 fats coming from vegetable oils.

This fact together with a dramatic increase in our insulin levels shouldn’t make it too hard to figure out why our neurological diseases are skyrocketing.

We simply have a lot more silent inflammation in our brains than we had in the past.

With the recent development of ultra-refined fish oil, we now have the ability to safely raise our levels of DHA and EPA in our brain.

If we can raise these levels of anti-inflammatory fatty acids high enough, we should be able to lower our risk of developing mental disorders caused by silent inflammation.

More important, we may finally have the power to reverse the effects of these conditions if they’ve already debilitated our mental function.

So, this is really the defining moment for these new purified grades of fish oil.

We now finally have a product we can take in high enough amounts to fight silent inflammation in your brain.

Just like elderly people who can regain their lost muscle mass by working out with weights, people with brain disorders should be able to regain brain function by getting into the Anti-Inflammation Zone.

Come join us on our natural weight loss journey!  We’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

(Based on Dr. Barry Sears’ “The Anti-Inflammation Zone”)

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