Can You Prevent Cancer?

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Can You Prevent Cancer?

If high-dose fish oil can reduce the devastating side effects of traditional cancer treatments, can it also prevent cancer?

We know increased levels of COX-2 enzyme (which makes pro-inflammatory eicosanoids) are strongly associated lots of tumors.

It’s been shown the levels of EPA and DHA in cells taken from breast and prostate cancer patients are lower than in cells from control group patients.

Likewise, women who eat the highest amounts of fish are the least likely to develop breast cancer.

These findings suggest cancer prevention lies in controlling silent inflammation.

If you decrease the levels of AA in tumor cells by increasing the levels of EPA and DHA, then you can counteract the effects of the COX-2 enzyme.

This is because you’re now choking off the foundation of the COX-2 enzyme.

As a result, even with increased levels of the enzyme, it’ll have a greatly diminished ability to make pro-inflammatory eicosanoids, like prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), highly associated with rapid tumor growth.

PGE2 acts like a shield that hides the identity of the cancer cell so your immune system can’t recognize it as an abnormal cell.

Cutting off PGE2 production means the cancer cell can no longer hide from your immune cells and is left open to attack.

Reducing silent inflammation by reducing AA also means cutting off the supply of other pro-inflammatory eicosanoids important for tumor survival.

In essence, you’ll be taking away the tools cancer cells use to hide from your immune system, spread to and invade other sites in your body, and divert nutrients to them.

An ounce of prevention (reducing silent inflammation) is worth a pound of cure (the devastating effects of chemotherapy).

Sam (see previous post) was lucky in his outcome because he and his family were very proactive in taking steps beyond toxic drugs and radiation.

Sam understands his unique outcome happened because he was in the Anti-Inflammation Zone.

He was able to boost his body’s production of anti-inflammatory eicosanoids while at the same time lowering the production of cancer-promoting pro-inflammatory eicosanoids – something no chemotherapy drug can do.

In summary, cancer prevention is all about reducing silent inflammation.

The first step is to control insulin by eating lots of fruits and veggies and cutting back on high glycemic-load carbohydrates.

This is a good description of the Zone Diet.

Next, take enough ultra-refined fish oil until your silent inflammation profile is between 1.5 and 3.

If you’re being treated for cancer, then these same dietary strategies are imperative to reduce the toxicity of cancer treatments.

Of course, you can choose to do nothing and hope the standard therapies of toxic drugs and radiation will kill only the tumor cells and leave all your healthy cells intact.

But given this is a highly unrealistic expectation, why set yourself up for the nasty side effects of current cancer treatment?

Take the saner approach – enter the Anti-Inflammation Zone.

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Have an awesome day!

(Based on Dr. Barry Sears’ “The Anti-Inflammation Zone”)

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