Changing From Chemical to Organic Farming

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Changing From Chemical to Organic Farming

You can’t see the difference between a GMO seed and an organic one that’s been contaminated.

The farmers being sued for “stealing” GMO seed lose – not just financially, but also because they have to throw away seeds they may have cultivated and bred over many years to produce the best yield for that farm.

Fortunately, “terminator seed” technology is prohibited.

Terminator seeds were GMOs that became infertile after 1 year.

Or made celibate, if you will.

But sex is essential to our survival.

Loss of sex is almost always followed by swift extinction.

When harvest time comes, farmers growing crops that can’t be picked by machine (like some fruits and vegetables) have to hire help, many of them migrant workers.

They are often illegal immigrants with no health insurance, and they bear the brunt of the damage caused by toxic farming practices, with much higher rates of cancer, birth defects, and other diseases.

Farmers who don’t need laborers sit alone in the cabs of their air-conditioned tractors, driving back and forth for hours and maybe days, listening to the radio, eating sandwiches, drinking coffee.

They may remember hearing stories when they were growing up about how harvesting used to be a joyous time when neighbors came together to help each other and then celebrate.

Now, truthfully, farmers may be kind of lonely.

Their giant, debt-inducing machinery harvests the crop and takes it to market.

Since most crops are a commodity, they sell for the going rate, whatever that may be.

No matter how much time and sweat farmers put into growing their crops, they get what the market says it’s worth.

Though the whole biofuel craze has raised the demand for corn, for instance, at the end of the day farmers still are falling behind in their payments.

Farm subsidies may help a bit, but the complicated effort it takes to figure it all out depresses them because it’s never enough to solve their problems for good.

There’s “no graceful way out” of this chemical system.

Chemical farmers who think about switching to an organic method encounter many disincentives.

Government subsidies are withdrawn, and they may owe too much money to too many people to make the risk worth the effort.

Bankers scoff at the idea and maybe even forbid them to transition to organic.

Plus, it takes 3 years of “getting off chemicals” and cleaning up in order to become certified organic.

During this time, yields decline as the soil recovers from years of abuse and the farmer struggles to learn a whole new farming system with only negligible government assistance, insurance, and other help to get through those 3 years.

This very difficulty is why we need to make substantial changes quickly.

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