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Compost once was just a smart way for people to handle their waste.

It was a cycle of producing food, consuming food, and then putting the leftovers back into the earth for the next cycle of growth.

This is how nature grows trees, for instance.

In the spring, the leaves grow and the tree draws nutrition from the earth.

In the fall, the fruit and leaves fall.

The fruit is consumed by animals and people, who pass it on in the form of waste.

Waste is nature’s ultimate fertilizer.

The leaves decompose naturally over the winter and provide a fresh batch of fertilizer for the tree in the spring.

It’s efficient, it’s effortless, and it’s entirely free.

On chemical farms, the whole cycle has been smashed apart and it’s hard to put it back together again.

Farmers today, and many home owners for that matter, remove and dispose of leaves and other natural wastes and then buy fertilizer.

For instance, dairy farmers have a lot of cow manure.

Organic dairy farmers spread composted manure on fields and manage their pastures organically.

They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and sequester it.

Chemical dairy farmers typically don’t grow their own feed or have pasture for animals to graze on, so they don’t have fields where they can spread the waste.

Instead, they use large giant vats to contain and process all the methane gas that concentrated piles of animal waste produce.

Chemical dairy farmers add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere (and, worse, lots of methane).

Same basic activity, much different outcome.

Organic plant waste also can and should be composted.

It’s just as important as animal manure to rebuilding the fertility of the soil each year.

One of the drawbacks of the biofuels industry is it diverts plant waste from use as a natural fertilizer for the soil.

Removing waste from farms takes the carbon away and burns it as fuel, creating even more carbon dioxide, rather than sequestering it in the soil where it belongs.

If every farmer – and every person – composted his or her food and yard waste (kitchen scraps, leaves, grass clippings, etc.) and added it back to their land, we might be able to stop all climate change right now.

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