Confessions of a Former Fat Kid

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Confessions of a Former Fat Kid

Just how far have we strayed from the path of natural hormone balance?

Pretty far, actually.

For many years, Jillian was way off it.

I’ll tell you what happened to her and how her hormone levels got entirely messed up, not because it’s so unusual, but because many of the same things have probably happened to you and everyone you know.

She spent her early years constantly struggling with excess weight.

Part of what started it was living with her dad.

Her dad was an addict.

And food was just one of his addictions.

His addiction to food and his genetic predisposition for being overweight definitely was transferred to Jillian.

She’d hang out with her dad at home when her mom was going to night school.

Food was the only way he knew how to show affection or relate to her.

He would make huge buckets of popcorn and they would watch TV together.

Or they’d make pizzas together.

He even made homemade ice cream.

If they left the house, they’d go out to a special chicken place, or a burrito place they liked.

Food became one of the only connections she had with her dad.

But her issues with food didn’t all come from her dad.

Her mom, who was always skinny, would sometimes use food as a reward.

Jillian was an only child, and if her parents were both out, they’d leave her with a sitter.

She hated being with a sitter.

So before the sitter got there, they’d take her to the bakery and say, “Pick whatever you want.”

Before her mom left for work, she’d say, “What would you like from the vending machine?”

As soon as she got home, she’d bring Jillian a Twix bar.

These food rituals were comforting to her.

They were steady, consistent, reliable – and eventually very destructive.

Once when she was 3 years old, her parents were having a conversation about separating.

They gave her a bag of Cheetos and put her in the kitchen while they argued in the next room.

She sat at the kitchen table alone in front of a huge bag of Cheetos, wondering, “What does this mean for me?”

No brothers or sisters at the time.

No real support, but the Cheetos were there for her.

The food kept her company.

It gave her something to look forward to that wouldn’t let her down.

Her parents ultimately got divorced when she was 12.

Not coincidentally, that was really the pinnacle of her weight gain.

Everything was falling apart.

She was skipping school, failing classes, experimenting with the contents of her parents’ liquor cabinet – doing all kinds of bad and dangerous things.

She started stealing her mom’s car after school – yes, at 12.

She’d get home in the afternoon while her mom was still at work, and grab the spare keys.

She’d take out the Jeep and race around the neighborhood like a crazy person.

She was lucky she didn’t kill someone, including herself.

While she was out in the car, she’d hit her fast-food regulars.

It started with a Taco Bell run:  2 bean and cheese burritos with no onions and extra cheese.

Then it was 2 bean and cheese burritos with no onions and extra cheese and a taco.

Then, 3 bean and cheese burritos with no onions and extra cheese and a taco supreme – and, sure, throw in the cinnamon sticks and a Coke.

Or after school, she’d order a Domino’s pizza, go sit on the roof of her house, and eat the whole thing.

Or she’d get a bag of Cheetos and eat the entire bag while she watched TV – she’d just sit on the couch, gain weight and be miserable.

Around this time, she started having dreams that she was a POW in a war zone.

She became obsessed with war movies and literally started to believe she was a reincarnated POW.

The day her parents’ divorce was finalized, she kicked a hole in the wall.

She was 12 years old, 5 feet tall, and weight about 175 pounds.

Her mom took a good look at her and realized she had to act – and fast.

She took her to a therapist, but thankfully she also recognized that Jillian needed a physical outlet to release her anger and frustration.

And that’s when martial arts saved her life.

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