Cover Crops and Crop Rotation

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Cover Crops and Crop Rotation

Plants grown to nourish the soil and prevent weeds, known as cover crops, are essential elements in the carbon-sequestering capability of an organic farm.

They also prevent soil erosion over the winter months, functioning as a warm, green blanket for the land.

Many different types of cover crops are used in different regions and for different purposes.

Some are planted in the spring specifically for weed control or to benefit later crops.

Many of them are legumes, which pull nitrogen from the air to enrich the soil for the next crop.

The Farming Systems Trial found another reason to use cover crops.

Our new best friends, mycorrhizal fungi, which grow on the roots of plants and have a symbiotic relationship with them, thrive on cover crops.

At the same time cover crops are protecting the winter soil from erosion, giving farmers free nitrogen from the air, and preventing the growth of weeds, they’re also providing homes for carbon-eating mycorrhizal fungi.

Synthetic-chemical farms (and the equipment it takes to farm them) have become so big and specialized their ability to rotate and diversify their crops is extremely limited.

The most successful farms include animals, which are pastured on one area, then rotated to another – long before the pasture is overgrazed and turns to mud.

These pastures are tilled once every 3 years to incorporate the animal manure, a key fertilizer, into the soil, to feed a diverse array of crops for the next few years.

Rotating the crops among the fields from year to year breaks the cycle of disease and confuses the insects enough that chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides aren’t necessary.

If the evidence that organic is better for the environment is so clear, and the research has shown organic farming is more profitable and productive over the long term, why hasn’t every farmer switched to organic methods?

Especially if farming organically can also stop the climate crisis, save the finite supply of petroleum oil for other uses, and eliminate the majority of the toxins from our soil and water and thus from our bodies?

Attitudes can and must change.

Chemical companies must not be allowed to exert undue influence over the agricultural research conducted on our nation’s campuses, and the government must revisit and rethink the incentives they offer farmers to produce chemical crops.

Farmers must work together to help each other transition to organic and become successful modern organic farmers – not only supplying the world with healthy food, but also healing the planet in the process.

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