Crystal and Gemstone Therapy

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Crystal and Gemstone Therapy

Some people believe colorful crystals hold incredible powers.

For example, Thomas Edison is said to have believed his success was partially due to a pocketful of quartz crystals he always carried with him.

He felt the stones allowed him to take notice of his inner self and his creativity.

Gemstone therapists believe gems have healing energy that can be transferred to your body.

Certain gemstones are used for healing specific organs by contact with your body’s related energy centers, called chakras.

Certain stones also direct energies toward emotional states.

Quartz crystals are probably the most popular.

Quartz can be a beautiful white, like milk quartz, or colorless and shiny like rock crystal.

The rock crystal’s therapeutic properties are aimed at soothing resentment and envy.

It’s also used to calm weak kidneys, cardiac pain, and upset stomachs.

In some cases, the healing properties of gems are used to stimulate energy flow to certain areas of your body.

Amber (yellow to brown) is believed to help kidney and bladder function.

Agate (gray, blue, and beige) promotes self-confidence and energy.

Amethyst (purple) is used to unlock blocked energy, bring calm in times of grief, and promote positive thinking.

Diamonds (many colors) protect energy fields and cleanse your blood.

Emerald (green) improves memory and intellect.

Jade (green or white) attracts loyal friends, brings good fortune, composure, peacefulness, and wisdom.

Onyx (black) improves devotion and concentration.

Ruby (red) increases energy, improves circulation, and promotes intuitive thinking.

Sapphire (blue) gives you self-esteem, purity of mind, and contentment.

Turquoise is used to protect against harmful energy.

Black onyx aids in changing bad habits.

These are only a few examples of the powers ascribed to gemstones.

All crystals and gemstones should be “cleansed” periodically in running water to wash away the negative energies they may have picked up, particularly if they’ve been used for healing.

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