Define Your Why

Yay!! I’ve lost 25.6 pounds total so far with 54.4 pounds to go to reach my goal!  My BMI has dropped from 36.9 to 33.1 and my goal is 24.9.

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Define Your Why

Yesterday we started talking about the first 3 steps in the plan to retrain your taste buds.

Today, we’ll talk about the 4th step.

Step 4:  Define your WHY.

If your reason for wanting to change isn’t strong enough, success will be much more challenging.

If it’s a superficial or weak reason you’re doing this, it’s easy to fall back on junk food and abandon the process.

But, if you want to train your taste buds so you not only look better, but also feel better, gain more energy and quality time with your loved ones, improve your confidence and performance at work, and appeal to the opposite sex, then you’re one step closer to success.

HOW to define your why

Start off by asking yourself:  “What do I want?”

When you answer, answer the question exactly . . . in the positive . . . meaning “what do I want:  to have, to look like, to feel like?”

Resist the temptation to answer what you don’t want.

Too often people will say, “I don’t want these love handles,” or “I don’t want to feel so tired,” or “I don’t want my husband or wife to ignore me.”

Do you see the difference?

They’re answering what they don’t want.

They never get really clear on what they’ll have or look like when they get what they want.

As a result, it’s harder to get it.

Next, ask yourself, “why is it important?” or “what will having that do for me?”

Whatever your answer is, keep asking this question until you come to the root.


^What do you want?

*I want to have a firm tummy, size 3, with a tight butt.

And I want to feel good and energized throughout the day.

^Great . . . what will having that do for you?

*Well, it’ll make me feel good about myself, more confident.

^Great . . . what will having that do for you?

*It’ll make me feel more attractive to my spouse, and I know I’ll be more attentive as well because I’ll feel more confident.

And I probably won’t complain so much simply because I’m miserable, instead I’ll be happier and hopefully sexier.

^Great . . . what will having that do for you?

*It’ll help reignite our relationship.

^Great . . . why is that important to you?

*Because I love my spouse more than anything and I value our family.

If I ever lost it I wouldn’t know what to do.

^So your real reason for transforming yourself is to not only look good, but it’s to show to your spouse how much you love and value them and your relationship, and by putting your body, mind and spirit first . . . you feel you’ll have more love to give so you can grow stronger every day of your relationship . . . is that accurate?


See how easy that is?

Try it yourself!

Come join us on our natural weight loss journey!  We’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

(Based on Drew Canole’s “Train Your Taste to Trim Your Waist”)

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