Doing the Math on Organics

Yay!! I’ve lost 25.6 pounds total so far with 54.4 pounds to go to reach my goal!  My BMI has dropped from 36.9 to 33.1 and my goal BMI is 24.9.

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Doing the Math on Organics

Okay, I’ll admit it.

Organics can be pricey.

According to the New York Times, organic food can be anywhere from 20% to 100% more expensive than traditionally produced foods.

But the health safety issues – not to mention the environmental impact – are too great to put a price on.

And the scary research will keep piling up.

Think of it this way:  Every time you spend a few extra bucks to buy organic, you’re saving thousands of dollars in co-pays for chemotherapy or diabetes drugs.

Also bear in mind that as demand goes up, supply will go up, and prices will go down.

Most grocery chains have their own generic organic products.

For example, the affordably priced Nature’s Promise line of natural and organic meat, dairy, eggs, and frozen and fresh produce is constantly expanding.

Even Wal-Mart and Target have organic store brands now.

Please always start with local options for your food – farmers markets, local organic dairies, and food co-ops.

But if you must shop at low-cost or big-box retailers, go for the organic instead of the conventional option.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) did an analysis of the most important produce to buy organic.

You can check out the full list of toxic fruits and veggies at

Below you’ll find their recommendations for fruits and veggies, along with mine for other foods.

I’ll always say go for organic, but if your pocketbook is stretched thin, use this list as your guide.

Always Buy Organic

Even after washing or other attempts to reduce pesticides, these foods will remain the most toxic.

Spend your organic food budget here.

1.  Meat, dairy, and eggs

2.  Coffee

3.  Peaches and nectarines

4.  Apples

5.  Bell peppers

6.  Celery

7.  Berries

8.  Lettuce

9.  Grapes

10.  Foods you eat a lot

Sometimes Buy Organic

I call this the “Hey, if you’ve got the cash, why not?” section.

Better safe than sorry.

1.  Processed foods

2.  Onions

3.  Avocados

4.  Pineapple

5.  Cabbage

6.  Broccoli

7.  Bananas

8.  Asparagus

9.  Corn

10.  Mangoes

Don’t Bother Buying Organic

Don’t be duped into wasting your organic budget on

1.  Seafood

2.  Water

3.  Foods you don’t eat that often

Now, you’ve Removed the toxins.

You’ve Restored the nutrients.

But exactly when and how much and in what combinations do you eat the foods on this plan?

We’ll talk about that next – learning how to Rebalance the energy into your body in ways that will improve your overall hormone levels, trigger the fat-burning ones, and turn off the fat-storage ones.

Come join me on my weight loss journey!  I’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

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