Economists: Measure Strength, Not Growth

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Economists:  Measure Strength, Not Growth

At the root of our global economic crisis and our agricultural mistakes is the belief we can and must grow at all times, that growth is the single most important measurement.

When, inevitably, growth slows down or stops, everyone panics, and fear makes it all worse.

At its very root, our economic crisis is an emotional crisis, with fear and panic ruling our behaviors.

The so-called laws of economics aren’t only a fairly recent invention, they’re also deeply flawed.

They’re the result of our outdated industrial paradigm, which leads us to believe if we have enough fuel, we can keep the factory running forever and people will just keep consuming.

But if we look at economics through an organic paradigm, we quickly see nature is in a constant state of change – of growth and recovery, night and day, action and rest.

The stock market behaves in the exact same way, but we look at it and see failure instead of natural growth and recovery.

In the organic paradigm, recessions are kind of like Sundays, days off to enjoy our families and restore our strength for the next week of work.

Or, like winters, which, as long as we’re expecting it and prepared for it, can be a season we enjoy (or at least know will end at a fairly predictable time).

If we expect and even look forward to the seasons of an organic economy, it’ll minimize the “fear and panic” that can escalate recessions into depressions.

To use a natural metaphor, some trees grow very fast, but they tend to be fragile, short-lived, and prone to sudden death.

Others are very slow growing and long-lived, surviving for hundreds and even thousands of years.

But all trees have periods of growth (spring) and periods of dormancy (winter) – even tropical trees.

All trees have value over both the short and long term.

Seeing the growth of a slow-growing tree is harder, but it often provides more value for a longer period of time.

The true crime of Wall Street and our economic model is it instills the expectation of valuation of constant growth rather than the recognition of the cycles inherent in nature and the valuation of long-term strength.

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