Essential Amino Acids

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Essential Amino Acids

Amino acids help vitamins and minerals perform their jobs properly.

Even if vitamins and minerals are absorbed and used by your body, they can’t be effective unless the right amino acids are present.

For example, low levels of one amino acid may lead to iron deficiency.

Deficiency and/or impaired metabolism of certain amino acids has been linked to allergies and autoimmune disorders.

Many elderly people suffer from depression or neurological problems which may be associated with deficiencies of amino acids.

These amino acids can be used to give energy directly to muscle tissue.

High doses of branched-chain amino acids have been used in hospitals to treat people suffering from trauma and infection.

There are approximately 28 commonly known amino acids which combine in various ways to create the hundreds of different proteins present in all living things.

In the human body, your liver produces about 80% of the amino acids needed.

The remaining 20% you need to get from your diet.

These are called the essential amino acids.

The essential amino acids that need to enter your body through diet are histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine.

The nonessential amino acids can be made in your body from other amino acids through dietary sources.

The fact that they’re termed nonessential doesn’t mean they’re not necessary, only that you don’t need to get them through your diet because your body makes them as needed.

Nonessential amino acids can become essential under certain conditions.

Hospitalized people have benefited from amino acid supplements to enhance the functioning of their immune systems.

The process of assembling amino acids to make proteins, and of breaking down proteins into individual amino acids for your body’s use, is continuous.

When you need more enzyme proteins, your body makes more enzyme proteins; when you need more cells, your body makes more proteins for cells.

These different types of proteins are produced as the need arises.

If your body becomes depleted of its reserves of any of the essential amino acids, it wouldn’t be able to make the proteins that need those amino acids.

Not enough of even one essential amino acid can hinder production, and reduce body levels, of necessary proteins.

This can result in negative nitrogen balance, an unhealthy condition where your body excretes more nitrogen than it takes in.

And, all essential amino acids need to be present at the same time in your diet in order for the other amino acids to be used – otherwise, your body remains in negative nitrogen balance.

A lack of vital proteins in your body can cause problems ranging from indigestion to depression to stunted growth.

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