Exercise – And Power

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Exercise – And Power

At the time, Jillian’s mom was dating a guy whose nephews were taking martial arts from a teacher who was very unconventional.

At some level, her mom sensed it would be the right thing for her, but sending your kid to this instructor was kind of like sending her off to military school.

He didn’t mess around.

His name was Robert and he taught out of his garage.

Robert was one of the first mixed martial arts pioneers.

He became a sort of father figure to Jillian – but he was definitely a renegade.

He was very extreme, and she loved it.

I guess she was just drawn to extremes.

The men in that garage became like brothers to her.

They were all dedicated to their health and were driven, spiritual, and focused.

Because she looked up to them so much, she began to realize all the other stuff she was doing – the drinking, the ditching school, and basically making a mess of her life – wasn’t cool.

This was cool.

She wanted to be just like these people.

She wanted to impress them.

So, what was it Robert said to her that finally got her butt in gear?

Here’s the story.

Everyone who’s serious about changing their lives has one – a “rock-bottom moment”.

It’s the epiphany that ultimately drives you toward change – no matter what.

One day while she was waiting for her lesson, she was standing there, scarfing down a bag of Cheetos.

Robert came out to get her, took one look at the bag, and threw her out of the studio.

“You’re wasting my time,” he said to her.

“And until you’re ready to pick up what I’m laying down, you’re wasting your own time, but I actually value my time.  So get out.”

She felt the blood drain out of her body.

He saw how stunned she was.

“If you want to take this seriously, and take yourself seriously, then come back and I can help you out.”

And he shut the door in her face.

Robert’s message, which became her guiding philosophy, was:  The entire journey to health is about power.

The definition of power is learning how to make your dream a reality.

Here’s the thing:  Jillian doesn’t love working out.

Sometimes she does, but it’s rare.

She could care less if somebody has six-pack abs or buns of steel.

If you have that, good for you.

But fitness is about so much more.

Fitness empowers people.

It makes people feel strong and confident and potent, and that strength transcends into other parts of life.

And now she understands it’s the same with your diet and other aspects of your lifestyle.

Once you make the decision to take control of what goes into your body, you’re able to harness that power.

By recognizing that forces outside of your body have been disrupting your internal biochemistry, and taking steps to optimize your hormones, you’re tapping into that same power, reclaiming it for yourself.

The day Robert kicked her out of his studio, she was 14.

She’d been there just over a year.

She suddenly realized how far she’d come.

She’d gone from being the fat kid in school who couldn’t take her eyes off the ground – the one who ate lunch in the office every single day because she was so afraid to show her face in the schoolyard – to being the kid who’d walk down the hall and look people in the eye and think, “You can’t talk to me like that – I just broke 2 boards with my right foot.  Bring it.”

She couldn’t risk losing that power again.

Working with Robert turned her around psychologically, gave her confidence, and showed her a way of life she valued and would help her achieve her dreams.

He helped her realize the stronger she was physically, the more potent she was as a human being.

But she still didn’t understand one key thing.

Robert didn’t care whether she was skinny.

She did.

But he couldn’t have cared less.

He wanted her to eat a healthy diet to take care of her body, but she didn’t really get that part of his message until many years later.

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