Experiments in Extermination

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Experiments in Extermination

Though the chemical pesticide industry had existed for some time, it didn’t truly come into its own until chemical fertilizers took off.

Then, however, it began spreading like a plague of locusts.

Arsenic, lead, and cyanide were sold as bug and rodent killers, which were often developed and sold by the same companies marketing these ingredients as “medicines.”

For instance, Bayer, the German company first marketing aspirin, was integral in the development of chemical pesticides.

Not that farmers didn’t just roll over and accept easily these new pesticides.

Farmers were rightfully skeptical and reluctant to use them – they were very familiar with the toxicity of many of these chemicals.

But they gradually achieved widespread acceptance with clever marketing and aggressive business tactics.

Several German chemical companies joined together in 1925 to form the cartel IG Farben to protect and control their companies’ businesses and trade secrets.

The cartel made competition extremely difficult and its member companies highly profitable and operated many subsidiaries both covertly and openly in the US and other countries.

Both IG Farben and the American chemical giants used their profits to advertise their products, focusing on the “war” on bugs and likening farmers to a patriotic soldier who must protect their farms and families from evil threats.

Meanwhile, the high prices of chemicals put a lot of small farmers out of business.

The chemical companies also used the humor and style of Theodor Geisel, later renowned as the children’s book author Dr. Seuss.

In the late 1920s, before he published his first book, he designed advertisements for Flit, an insecticide produced by Standard Oil.

His lighthearted approach led to greater acceptance by consumers, persuading them that using chemicals to grow their food was both safe and necessary.

Later, as Americans marched proudly into World War II to defend our freedom and save the world from Hitler, we were using many of the same chemicals in America the Nazis were using to exterminate the Jews – and we were buying the chemicals from Germany.

Zyklon B (or Cyclone B), the infamous poison gas the Nazis used to execute millions of people, was a cyanide-based pesticide used for “delousing” developed by Fritz Haber.

The ethnically Jewish chemist had converted to Christianity in 1892 and was a German patriot, but he left Germany for England in 1933, having been isolated from the scientific community for his role in developing agents of chemical warfare.

His conversion and service to his country weren’t enough to save him from the rising tide of anti-Semitism.

Fortunately for him, Haber didn’t live long enough to see the extent of the destruction his inventions caused.

Zyklon B was manufactured and distributed by a subsidiary of IG Farben, who supplied the necessary materials and apparatus to two licensed producers.

The German chemical companies belonging to IG Farben planned to build a synthetic rubber “factory” next to the concentration camp at Auschwitz, and one of its subsidiaries was to supply gas for the camp’s mass executions.

The brutality of the overseers at the factory was horrific, often exceeding the brutality of the SS at the concentration camps.

IG Farben also funded the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele, who was conducting “research” on many of the pharmaceutical drugs IG Farben and Bayer were developing.

The camp physician at Auschwitz, enjoyed his work (to put it mildly).

More than 1.5 million people were killed at Auschwitz by IG Farben poison gas and the torture of slave labor.

No rubber was ever produced at the factory because the forced labor never finished building it.

And only a handful of the thousands of Jews sent to work in the factory survived.

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