Farmers Are Addicted

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Farmers Are Addicted

What do farmers in America think of Monsanto, Syngenta, and the other agrichemical companies?

It’s like a codependency with a chemical addiction as the glue binding them together.

They think a lot less of Monsanto since they got them hooked on Roundup Ready GMO seeds and then hiked the price of seed.

Few farmers caught in this deadly cycle believe they’re doing anything wrong.

They love their big tractors and take pride in their beautifully neat and weed-free rows.

They view their work as feeding the world and sustaining the legacy of the Great American Farmer.

But beneath these positive feelings, many farmers admit they long for the time when farming was more manageable, more profitable, and more family oriented.

Many insist GMOs save money and time.

But what they’ve done to the social system of Iowa is a crime.

Chemicals and GMOs have both enabled and forced farms to grow ever larger, causing populations to fall so low that small towns wither and schools have to consolidate.

When the school’s gone, the town begins to die, too.

It’s like taking the heart out.

Farmers still lament the Iowa flood of 2008.

In 2008, the flood’s high point was 32 feet.

About 9 square miles in eastern Iowa was underwater, and parts of Cedar Rapids are still uninhabitable.

Yet we fail to make the connection between how chemicals destroy the soil’s ability to absorb and hold water and the increase in devastating floods.

Interestingly, Kentucky has fewer certified organic farmers than any other state and it’s one of the few states where the number of organic farmers is declining, dropping from 23 in 2006 to just 3 in 2007.

Fortunately, in most other states the number of organic farmers is increasing.

Kentucky agriculture appears to be in a state of transition.

Its main cash crop has traditionally been tobacco, and there isn’t much demand for organic tobacco, though some is exported to Germany.

Many farmers in Kentucky still grow tobacco because no other crop generates as much money per acre, even though it’s extremely chemical and labor intensive.

Tobacco companies are very involved in how farmers grow their tobacco and which chemicals must be used.

To get a contract with a tobacco company, farmers must agree to comply with their exacting demands.

Many Kentucky farmers are switching to vegetables and hay to feed the still-growing horse racing industry, an important market in Kentucky.

They joke that horse owners want hay and alfalfa that are green in color, not realizing the weather in which it’s grown and dried, rather than the quality, dictates the color.

Many stables pay a fortune to have the green stuff shipped in from out west despite the fact local hay is only a couple bucks a bale.

These farmers, like all farmers, struggle most with the dramatically falling prices for their crops, while the costs of producing them are going up.

And there seems to be no end in sight.

Many Kentucky farmers have been working the same land for generations.

Some express concern about contaminated wells.

In some towns the levels of chemicals are so high the residents have been urged to drink bottled water.

Some farmers say the main reason they use chemicals is as a form of insurance.

There are so many risks in farming – weather, bugs, prices, and diseases – and using chemicals make them feel less vulnerable to those risks.

Other farmers wonder why, if organic is so much better for you, you don’t see any advertising about it.

Well, the USDA rules for organic labeling prohibit companies from making that claim.

If a yogurt company whose products supposedly make your digestion better can make that claim, why can’t an organic farmer?

That’s a good question!

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