Farmers Need Help

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Farmers Need Help

Farmers will need help changing, since to most of them organic is a foreign way to farm.

They’re so used to relying on advice from chemical-company-funded consultants and universities they’ll need to get to know their land in a new way.

They’ll need to relax their often rigid ideal of having totally “clean” and neat weed-free fields.

Many farmers might even need emotional support.

And many may realize maybe they haven’t been doing the right thing after all.

This reeducation needs to start early – way before kids become farmers or consumers.

The farm bill allocated more than $1 billion a year for the school lunch program.

Instead of using it to feed kids leftover crap from farms and factories, we can use the money to get Edible Schoolyard organic gardens (or something similar) and curriculum into every public school.

Kids can learn how to grow and make their own food, and as a result they’ll learn how to eat.

Nothing is more likely to get kids to eat vegetables than to let them grow and pick them themselves.

Our whole landscape would change for the better.

Cities would be surrounded by a wreath of small farms, greenhouses, and community gardens.

Growing fruits and vegetables closest to where they’re consumed just makes sense – food tastes best when it’s fresh.

Housing developments could become productive and fertile sources of food.

Edible landscaping would be part of how we all think.

And it would taste good as well as look good!

Of course, the government would need to change, too.

In the business world, a farm-related reference is commonly used to describe a hierarchical, territorial, and, all too often, ineffective organization.

The workers are said to be stuck in silos.

On a farm, silos are used to store grains and silage (fermented plants fed to animals – but should really be made into compost).

All government regulatory organizations are set up in silos, inhibiting cooperation and collaboration.

We can’t really afford this approach any more.

And the last thing we need is another government bureaucracy to make producing food even more complicated and expensive.

It would be interesting to merge the EPA, USDA, FDA, and maybe even the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Energy into one single-integrated agency to create a strong, lean, and more effective system.

An awful lot of money, time, and headaches could be saved and insights gained by having these groups work together, collaborating to find solutions crossing the divides.

If the chemical companies still want to stay in business, they can redirect their researchers to find ways of “harvesting” the plastic crap they created and we’ve dumped into the oceans, and recycling it into something inert and useful.

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