FDA's New Good Manufacturing Practices

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FDA’s New Good Manufacturing Practices

Ideally, all of us would get all the nutrients we need for optimal health from fresh, healthful foods.

In reality, however, this is often difficult, if not impossible.

In our chemically polluted and stress-filled world, our nutritional requirements have been increasing, but the number of calories we need has been decreasing, as our general level of physical activity has declined.

This means we’re faced with needing to get more nutrients from less food.

At the same time, many of our foods are depleted of nutrients.

Modern farming practices have resulted in soils lacking in selenium and other nutrients.

Harvesting and shipping practices are dictated not by nutritional considerations but by marketing demands.

Add to this extensive processing, improper storage, and other factors, and it’s little wonder many of the foods reaching our tables can’t meet our nutritional needs.

Getting even the DRI (dietary reference intakes) of vitamins from today’s diet has become quite difficult.

This means for optimum health, it’s necessary to take nutrients in supplement form.

Dr. Bruce Ames, a well-known nutritional  scientist, argues that low dietary intakes of vitamins and minerals is widespread in the United States and this may accelerate chronic diseases of aging like cancer.

Everyone would benefit from taking dietary supplements given the nature of our food supply.

And supplements have become much safer.

As of July 2008, all companies manufacturing dietary supplements must follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

The FDA has established guidelines for manufacturing procedures so you actually get the nutrients advertised on the label.

Also, the new requirements ensure the products are clean and free of harmful bacteria and other toxins.

The FDA now requires manufacturers to store all the ingredients used in a product after the product has been sold.

Each product must have a name and phone number to call if a user becomes ill.

The batch number of the product then can be matched to the stored product to help figure out why someone’s had an adverse reaction.

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