General Weight Loss Tips

tips     Here are some general weight loss tips for you!

*Drink 8 or more cups of water daily.  Sometimes just making this one change to your diet and lifestyle will have numerous benefits (including substantial savings on grocery bills).

*Replace sugar, calorie-rich, and chemical-rich drinks (juice drinks, diet drinks) with pure water.

*Don’t eat within 3-4 hours of bedtime.

*Eat a diet rich in wholesome, natural, nutrient-dense foods.  Consume high-quality protein with each meal/snack.  Make a decision to avoid the stuff you know you should avoid.

*Eat smaller, more frequent meals to help stabilize blood sugar.  Avoid the North American “super-size me” attitude.

*Avoid all artificial sweeteners.  These create hormonal and metabolic chaos, plus they have many other negative side effects.

*Find and eliminate any “hidden” allergies (most often dairy, wheat, sugar, gluten, eggs, corn OR your favorite food – sorry it’s true).  This can be an unknown significant influence.  Plus, often we crave what we are actually “allergic” to.

*Correct and keep a healthy omega-3-to-omega-6 essential fatty acid balance.  Your body needs healthy fats for many metabolic functions, including weight management.

*It’s important to understand and correct microflora balance, which is vital for digestion, weight and immune function.  This is an underlying issue for many health challenges.

*Consider a liver and/or colon cleanse.  A congested liver and/or colon can’t support a healthy body, healthy weight loss or a healthy weight.

*Make sure you have excellent digestion and elimination.  Consider digestive enzymes to help break down food into usable particles that will feed your cells.

*Avoid constipation (ensure at least 2 movements every day).

*Avoid pollutants, toxins and chemicals from all sources (water, air, plastic containers, food additives, pesticides, cleaners, personal care products).  These chemicals and toxins confuse our endocrine system (hormones) and place a lot of stress on our natural body wisdom, which creates hormonal, metabolic, and immune system chaos.

*Increase your fiber intake.  This increases your sensation of fullness and removes toxins from your body.

*Incorporate an appropriate exercise regimen into your lifestyle, which we talked about yesterday.  Find something new and fun.  Start slow, but start.  The more you do, the more energy you will develop.  It’s true.  Try it!

*Make sure you get the correct amounts of B-complex and Lecithin.

*Provide your body with plentiful amounts of all necessary nutrients (amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, enzymes) required by the body to function optimally.  Provide the necessary raw materials to build and repair your body tissues.

*Don’t skip meals/snacks.  The trick here is they have to be healthy choices.  Skipping meals, eating too little, or not eating all day, are sure ways to slow metabolism, making weight loss that much more difficult.  Eat at regular intervals, no longer than 5 hours apart.

A lot of the general health tips I mention here I have discussed in detail in my other blog

Come and join me on my weight loss journey!  I’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

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