Government As Usual

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Government As Usual

Tom Vilsack, secretary of agriculture, recently made a very bold move by digging up the front lawn of the USDA headquarters building in Washington, DC, to plant a certified organic vegetable garden – despite his connection to the biotech industry.

He says the programs he hopes to spearhead will be “sustainable.”

He plans to create a sustainable department to help children have sustainable diets, help rural economies be sustainable, and have a sustainable presence globally.

He has a true desire to see people reconnect with the land and understand where their food comes from and to make kids healthier by improving the nutritional content of foods and improving school lunches.

He seems to really want to help support the growing movement to “re-supply rural America” and the 108,000 small farmers who have just started farming in the last 5 years.

Using the word “sustainable” is safe for him because it means so many different things to people.

To the chemical companies, it means better seeds and profits.

To “foodies,” it means local foods in season, perhaps organic.

To environmentalists, it means protecting wildlife and saving energy.

However, the federal government and budget are burdened with hundreds of thousands of employees and organizations protected from change.

Consequently, no matter which part is in power, budgets just go up and up and up.

The only power an elected or appointed official has is to add, not subtract.

The USDA staff is made up mostly of career public servants and it’s very important to keep them protected from undue political influence so they can do their jobs.

Congress can, however, make, authorize, and fund USDA to hire more people if a particular agency is considered understaffed.

So who can cut costs and let people go, make the difficult choices businesses, home owners, and families are often faced with when the going gets tough?

It’s a mystery.

But both Republicans and Democrats have been equally responsible for creating “big government.”

A reasonable American consumer might think the deck is insurmountably stacked against the organic farmer, and there’s no way to change the status quo.

Think again.

You have a lot more power to create the world than you think.

Every choice you make creates your world.

Every purchase you make rewards either the good or the bad.

Every time you choose cheap, chemical food over organic, you’re rewarding the bad.

You vote with every dollar you spend.

Companies and governments count every purchase you make and make almost every decision based on your purchases.

If you buy a Coke, we make more Coke.

If you buy cheap meat, we produce more cheap meat.

There’s no “they” – businesses are guided by all of “us.”

We are truly the only ones who can change the world.

Only one thing can take down all the lobbyists and chemical companies and change the government.

Enough of us must stand together and demand change, demand organic – make more noise to our elected officials than any back office relationship can withstand.

The chemical companies have spent decades and billions of dollars convincing us we can’t survive without chemicals and that we need them to feed the world.

It’s one of the greatest financial and psychological hoaxes in history.

It could even be considered a crime against humanity.

And we still have too much food.

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