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hair analysis

Hair Analysis

Hair analysis gives an accurate assessment of the concentration of minerals in your body.

It shows minerals that are toxic in any amount, those essential, and those needed in small amounts, but toxic in larger amounts.

By allowing early detection of toxic substances like mercury, lead, cadmium, and aluminum, hair analysis makes it possible to identify and treat toxicity before symptoms appear.

By showing levels of minerals like calcium, it’s possible to identify and treat a range of nutritional deficiencies well before health problems become serious.

Before the technique of hair analysis was developed, medical practitioners who were interested in the concentration of trace elements in your body had to rely on urine and serum sampling.

Unfortunately, these tests don’t show the concentration of minerals in your cells and organs, but instead show the level of circulating minerals.

The correlation between mineral concentrations in the internal organs of your body and concentrations in hair has been found to be much more reliable.

In fact, hair analysis has been found to be such an accurate measure of substance exposure it’s often used to detect drug use.

Hair analysis begins with the removal of a small amount of hair, usually from the nape of your neck.

Because harsh chemical treatment of your hair through coloring, bleaching, and perms can result in inaccuracies, a pubic hair specimen may be used instead.

The hair sample is chemically washed and stripped of all substances found on it.

A specific amount (by weight) of the resulting sample is then dissolved in a known volume of acid.

Finally, using a method of chemical analysis called atomic absorption photospectrometry, each mineral is isolated and measured on a parts-per-million (ppm) basis.

Hair analysis also gives a relatively permanent record of mineral concentrations, which can be analyzed by computer to find the correlation between various elements in your hair.

Treatment of any identified problems, using chelation therapy and/or other programs, can then be designed and implemented before the condition becomes irreversible.

Later, follow-up hair analyses can be compared with your initial results to learn the effectiveness of the treatment.

Your health care provider should be able to help you get an analysis of your hair from a reputable laboratory.

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