Hot Young Thing

Yay!! I’ve lost 25.6 pounds total so far with 54.4 pounds to go to reach my goal!  My BMI has dropped from 36.9 to 33.1 and my goal BMI is 24.9.

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Hot Young Thing

By 17, Jillian was a certified fitness trainer.

And she was vain.

She was a young woman living in Los Angeles.

Naturally, she wanted to look good.

She was voracious about it.

There wasn’t anything she didn’t read or know about.

She had every trade magazine, from Muscle & Fitness to Shape.

She read every diet book, tried every fitness craze.

She saw what worked and what didn’t.

She was studying Navy SEAL training, poring over books about Bruce Lee and Israeli SWAT team methods.

She spent hours and hours in the gym, doing the craziest stuff.

She was doing plyometrics and high-intensity workouts a decade before they hit the mainstream.

She would go to the gym and hang upside down by one gravity boot or do one-arm pull-ups like it was nothing.

People at the gym would see her and think, “What the heck is this girl doing?”

Then a couple of them started coming up to her and asking her to train them.

That’s how her career as a trainer began.

People wanted her to teach them all the crazy stuff she was doing to herself.

She wasn’t even thinking of making a career out of it.

She was already bartending at night.

She was making really good money for a teenager.

She didn’t need the extra money.

She never looked for clients.

She just thought, “Well, I’m doing this for me, but if you want me to, sure, I’ll train you.  What the heck?  Could be fun.”

Of course, at that point she had no idea this would be her destiny, helping people change their bodies and their lives through fitness and health.

She was still going through her own saga, her own continuing struggle with her weight.

She was obsessed with finding the right ways to burn fat, not just for her clients, but for her.

For example, for a while, she followed the prevailing belief that the most effective way to burn fat was to work out on an empty stomach.

Then she had the chance to talk to a biochemist about it and found out it was exactly the wrong thing to do because your body will metabolize its own muscle tissue!

Scratch that, move on to the next thing.

She did the same thing with her diet.

She experimented with Pritikin, Atkins, Blood Type, pH, Paleolithic, vegetarianism, food combining – even the dreaded Master Cleanse – you name the diet, she went on it.


Because she wanted to be skinny!

For a full decade, she treated her body like she was a lab rat.

How could she have known all these extreme experiments were messing with her hormones?

All she cared about was never going back to being the fat kid, and she didn’t care how she got the results she was looking for.

Working in the gym, reading up on all the latest diet research, she was totally in her element, loving life.

But then, somehow, she got lost in cubicle land for a few years.

More in the next post!

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