“I Thought It Was Good For You”

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“I Thought It Was Good For You”

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Unfortunately, the good intentions of medicine to fight heart disease were based on bad science and indirectly led to our epidemic of silent inflammation.

Starting in the 1950s, a stream of medical researchers called for a war against fat because it contains cholesterol.

Dietary cholesterol was seen as the cause of heart disease (which it’s not).

The solution was to remove many sources of cholesterol (especially animal protein) from your diet and replace them with fat-free carbohydrates (like grains and starches).

If you were going to add any fat to your diet, it had to be omega-6 fat, because they thought it lowered cholesterol.

In hindsight, these dietary recommendations, endorsed by the medical profession, set the stage for the epidemic increase in silent inflammation.

Nonetheless, this call for action from medical researchers (who knew very little of the hormonal consequences of food) was quickly taken up by nutritionists (who knew absolutely nothing of the hormonal consequences of food).

They quickly spread word that fat was bad and fat-free grains and starchy carbohydrates were great.

They never understood the more high glycemic-load carbohydrates you eat, the hungrier you become.

And with increased hunger comes increased calorie consumption, mainly from more fat-free carbohydrates.

This is why in the past 30 years the average calorie consumption has increased by some 300 calories per day.

We’re not more active, but simply more hungry.

Although the medical establishment was convinced dietary fat and cholesterol caused heart disease, one clinical trial after another found no evidence for eating less fat (or cholesterol) having any impact on heart disease.

To get political support (because there was little scientific support) for the war on fat, the government decided to arrange a “consensus” conference on dietary fat and cholesterol in the late 1980s.

Government organizers invited a disproportionate number of academic experts who agreed with their position that dietary fat and cholesterol caused heart disease, and a few who didn’t.

Everyone gave his or her viewpoint, and then they voted.

Not surprisingly, the conference issued a statement saying if you lowered your intake of dietary cholesterol and fat, you’d reduce the risk of having a heart attack.

The fact there was no scientific study to support this statement didn’t deter a massive public health campaign to change the dietary habits of Americans.

The USDA used this conference to validate their famous Food Pyramid, which is now recognized as faulty and misleading.

In hindsight, the USDA Food Pyramid may rank pretty close to the bottom as the worst government program ever conceived and implemented.

This war on dietary fat and cholesterol was launched with great fanfare by the medical establishment and continues today.

The weapons of war were provided by the government (cheap fat-free high glycemic-load carbohydrates and pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids).

Little did anyone suspect this war based on good intentions would undermine the health of millions of Americans by unleashing a new and frightening epidemic of silent inflammation fueled by obesity.

The newest version of the USDA Food Pyramid still ignores the role of the glycemic load in your diet, but at least it recommends more fruits and vegetables.

But the new guidelines are so loose they don’t give any useful information to reverse the 2 epidemics of obesity and silent inflammation.

It’s basically business as usual for agribusiness and processed food manufacturing industries.

Any major change in this would cause a political shake-up and decreased political contributions from the agricultural industry.

Of course, no one in government wants that to happen.

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(Based on Dr. Barry Sears’ “The Anti-Inflammation Zone”)

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