Is The Government To Blame?

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Is The Government To Blame?

Blaming time compression caused by technology and our genes may be a little vague for the media, but pointing a finger at the government is easy.

The entire infrastructure of the American agribusiness community is based on grain and starch production.

The grain lobbies are among the most powerful in the government.

The Department of Agriculture is devoted to keeping those lobbies happy, so they’re far less interested in how their policies affect our nation’s health.

That’s why asking the USDA to develop the Food Pyramid was like asking the fox to guard the henhouse.

The problem started with subsidies to farmers.

These began in the Depression to protect the family farm because a significant part of our population worked there.

Today, these subsidies are nearly $20 billion per year even though less than 1% of Americans work on farms.

This is because the technological advances of giant agribusiness corporations have made them unnecessary.

As a result, there aren’t as many votes coming from farms as in the past; they’ve been replaced by corporate contributions.

These government subsidies continue even though we produce twice as much food as we should be consuming.

Why do these subsidies continue if we’re producing too much food?

The 2 most powerful agricultural lobbies (and therefore the beneficiaries of these subsidies) come from the corn and wheat lobbies.

The vast majority of the corn grown goes to feeding cattle and producing corn syrup for sweeteners.

And, excess corn is being converted into ethanol for automobiles.

The wheat lobby is just as powerful, especially considering animals (the primary beneficiaries of corn subsidies) won’t eat wheat.

They’ll eat corn, oats, and a lot of other grains, but not wheat.

In fact, the primary use for wheat is for humans, but in the form of high glycemic-load foods like bread, breakfast cereals, pasta, and bagels.

Therefore, the only way to get rid of the extra wheat we produce is to get people to eat more of the products coming from it.

This is the other mission of the USDA:  to make sure Americans eat excess commodities.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be too surprised the USDA eagerly promotes the Food Pyramid consisting mainly of grains and starches like wheat and corn.

While the wheat and corn products are doing well in the government, less than 1% of all government subsidies go to fruit and vegetable production.

In fact, it’s estimated even if Americans actually ate the meager amounts of fruits and vegetables recommended by the Food Pyramid, the current acreage would have to be doubled from what’s used in current production.

This extra acreage would most likely have to come from what’s currently used for corn and wheat production – a very unlikely situation.

Another destination of USDA subsidies is the soybean producers, mainly to coax them to produce more soybean oil, which is rich in pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids.

If there were a formula to create an epidemic of silent inflammation in America, then supporting the excessive production of both high glycemic-load carbohydrates and pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids would be an absolute winner.

But the USDA isn’t alone.

They have an ideal partner in the processed food industry.

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(Based on Dr. Barry Sears’ “The Anti-Inflammation Zone”)

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