Jump Off the Vicious Diet Cycle

Here’s the really great news . . .

Did you know muscle weighs more than fat, BUT fat takes up more room than muscle?

Your goal is to save the muscle and lose the fat!

You’ll notice the inches falling off, so stop concentrating on the scale.

Remember you want to keep the heavier muscle, increase metabolism, and lose the space-taking, jiggly, yucky, unhealthy FAT.

yo-yo     Jump off the Vicious Diet Cycle!!!

This is why I am using the 180 program from Shaklee to lose my weight.  I am a quarter of the way to my goal, having lost 20 pounds so far!  Come join me!

*180 keeps me out of Famine Response (see yesterday’s post) because it gives me enough calories to fill me up and keep my metabolism from slowing down.  In fact, I have to eat the recommended number of calories, protein, carbs, and fats, and I have to eat several times throughout the day to accomplish this.

*180 is powered by Leucine so I keep, and even build, crucial muscle mass.

*180 is nutritionally complete.  It provides the complete recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals, plus all essential amino acids.  This decreases my cravings.

*180 helps stabilize my blood sugar levels, reduce cravings and hunger and boosts metabolism, helping me burn fat.

*The choices are all mine.  I choose my food, my combinations, my meals, when I eat, what I want to give up (you know those things you should give up, not just for weight, but for health reasons), eat what I like, as long as I stay within the allotted calorie count.  I do have to control my portion sizes.  I can still have my pizza, but I can’t eat the whole thing.

*If I don’t want to think too hard about the plan, I can follow their meal plans.

*It’s like having my own personal coach.  There are meal plans, recipes, calorie counts, protein/carb/fat ratio and counts, tracking sheets, nutrient information, lists of number of calories burned for different types of exercise, and more.

*I’m going to start using a pedometer.  I can clip it on my waistband and it measures my steps.  Walking is great exercise.  They say to build up to about 10,000 steps at least 4-5 times per week to reach my weight loss goal.  I can use the pedometer to track my progress.  FYI:  10,000 steps = about 5 miles.

*180 lets me finally jump off that awful yo-yo diet cycle.

*180 Energy Tea provides immense antioxidant power and provides a natural, gentle energy boost when I need it.

*180 ensures I keep my lean muscle mass.  This is pretty much unheard of in other diets.

*180 helps me lose excess body fat and inches so I can reshape my body.

*I’m not alone.  I can get advice, encouragement, support, answers to questions, make friends, find a buddy.  Hear success stories.  Learn how people are handling obstacles or challenges.  Ask questions.  Hear from other 180 people who have been where I am.

Those are the reasons I’m using 180.  I love it!  I still have things to work on.  Like, I really need to exercise more, which will help me lose the rest of my weight.  The great thing about 180 is once I’ve met my weight loss goal the program helps me keep it off.  If you want to join me that would be great!  It would be a lot of fun to have you on the journey too!  Just send me an email at info@dickandlenay.com.

Have an awesome day!

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