Keeping Clean on the Inside

cleaning insides  

Part of healthy weight management is learning how to keep clean on the inside.

In the “old days”, before the development of processed foods, we ate a more natural diet and didn’t have to deal with high levels of pollution and toxins entering our bodies through water, the environment and our food supply.  Our internal filtration and garbage disposal systems efficiently processed and got rid of the “garbage”, or wastes, in a timely manner.  These wastes didn’t build up or sit around and putrefy in your body.  We developed no toxic buildup.  This is no longer the case.  Now, our filtration and disposal systems are constantly overloaded and overwhelmed.

A note about holistic philosophy:

Unlike modern medicine, holistic medicine believes that if your body is trying to rid itself of something detrimental you shouldn’t interfere in the process.  You should, of course, support your body’s efforts, but don’t immediately rush to put a stop to the process.  The body has an innate intelligence, usually knows what it’s doing, and is trying to expel this substance for a reason.  Holistic medicine sees many symptoms as a process of cleansing that shouldn’t be stopped.  Modern medicine treats many of these symptoms as the illness itself and tries to stop the body from eliminating these substances.  Obviously, there are limits to these processes and common sense must prevail.  Whenever there is any concern, a health care practitioner should be consulted.

Examples of possible “cleaning out” activity:

*Diarrhea, vomiting:  Digestive tract trying to cleanse itself of an unwanted substance

*Runny nose, cough up phlegm:  Respiratory system ridding itself of irritants or excess mucus (which traps dead bacteria or viruses)

*Acne, rashes:  Release of excess toxins or allergic substances that filtering organs can’t handle

*Bad breath:  Sign of possible digestive system issues

*Body odor:  Constipated system trying to release toxins through the skin.

The body has a natural daily “detox” cycle.

This occurs during sleep, when the nocturnal “cleanup crew” goes to work.

*You may wake up sweaty, smelly, with greasy hair, a new pimple, or eye gunk.  That’s your body getting rid of wastes, toxins or garbage through the skin.

*What’s the first thing you have to do in the morning?  Pee, and hopefully poop.  That’s your digestive system doing its cleanup and disposal job.

*You are sniffly and sneezy, especially during allergy season.  That’s your respiratory tract trying to clear out garbage, toxins or allergens.

Don’t eat in the 2 hours before you go to bed.

This allows for all possible energy to be available for cleaning and rebuilding.  Digestion needs a lot of energy, so any energy that has to be redirected to your digestive system is no longer available for general housekeeping chores.  Think of it this way:  If you’re constantly pulling kitchen duty (cooking, dishes), when do you have time to get to cleaning the rest of the house?  This is one reason why many people wake up still feeling tired instead of refreshed.  Your body either didn’t have the resources to do its cleanup and repair jobs, or the mess is too big and your body’s normal processes can’t keep up with the job.  Now you need to hire a cleaning crew to come in and do a major cleanup.  Think of cleanses as “internal spring cleaning”.

Come join me on my weight loss journey!  I’d love to have you along!

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