Living Well With Cancer

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Living Well With Cancer

Unfortunately, no one is ever cured of cancer, any more than they’re cured of heart disease or diabetes.

You just learn to live with it, knowing it may recur at any time.

Being in the Anti-Inflammation Zone is your best insurance policy for living well with cancer.

It’s your best bet for avoiding a recurrence, because it creates conditions in your body where cancer cells can’t thrive.

It deprives cancer cells of vital nutrients like excess glucose and prevents their rapid division by reducing insulin levels.

As a result, cancer cells become more visible to your immune system, and they’re more likely to be destroyed.

Here’s a true story of how being in the Anti-Inflammation Zone works.

Sam developed a very aggressive brain tumor as a teenager.

Brain cancer is the most difficult of all cancers to treat, because anticancer drugs can’t cross the blood-brain barrier to reach the tumor.

Even though Sam’s parents took him to the world’s best children’s cancer center, his prognosis was grim.

He needed high-risk treatments, including high-dose radiation and high-dose chemotherapy, in order to have a shot at survival.

Sam’s mother wondered if there was anything else she could do.

A rigorous adherence to the Zone Diet and high-dose fish oil were recommended.

To get Sam into the Anti-Inflammation Zone he needed about 10 grams of ultra-refined fish oil daily.

During the course of the 2-year treatment program, some remarkable things happened.

First, Sam got tired after a bout of radiation or chemotherapy, but not nearly as much as other kids getting the same treatment.

In fact, he was the only one able to continue school through these treatments.

And, unlike the other kids getting this treatment, Sam’s white cell counts didn’t decrease.

In fact, they increased.

Finally, after 2 years of treatment, Sam was pronounced “cured.”

Then the medical staff asked if they could do some cognitive testing on him.

Sam and his parents wondered why, since he earned high honors in high school during the treatment, but they agreed to the testing.

You guessed it, Sam’s cognitive abilities were excellent.

The physicians were amazed because he was the first kid ever to go through their treatment program for this type of brain tumor who didn’t end up having significant neurological damage.

By the way, Sam was accepted at one of the most competitive colleges in America.

How was Sam able to achieve this?

Unlike cancer drugs, the high levels of fish oil he was taking had no trouble getting across the blood-brain barrier into his brain.

Once there, the higher levels of EPA and DHA increased the death of the cancer cells, while at the same time protected his normal neural cells.

The rigid control of his insulin levels by the Zone Diet further enhanced the anti-inflammatory actions of the high-dose fish oil.

The reason why reaching the Anti-Inflammation Zone is so important during cancer treatment isn’t to replace standard therapies, but to make them more effective and less toxic.

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(Based on Dr. Barry Sears’ “The Anti-Inflammation Zone”)

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