Lobbyists Lead the Way

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Lobbyists Lead the Way

Billions of dollars have been spent on lobbying and establishing organizations like the Alliance for Abundant Food and Energy, which promotes biofuels.

Corporations and lobbying groups have actually trademarked the word “sustainable” in reference to GMO seeds.

They try to lead public opinion by twisting the language and arguments of the opposition.

They talk about measuring agricultural sustainability in order to improve agricultural production.

The American Farm Bureau is at the core of the rotten apple of lobbying.

A quick check of its website shows its leaders don’t believe in climate change or any legislation associated with it, and they discredit any science posing threats to the status quo of chemical farming.

No wonder farmers are confused.

Lobbyists promote these companies’ products and ideas to Congress, the public, and Extension agents so when farmers need help, the help comes from the same sources that speak with a unified voice.

A unified voice is exactly what the environmental/organic movement lacks.

When foodies sing the praises of local food sources instead of organic ones, chemical companies laugh all the way to the bank.

If you go to Monsanto’s or Syngenta’s website, the picture looks rosy.

Profits are up.

Before-and-after photos of crops around the world show how people have benefited from their products.

Their foundations are flush with cash and use it generously to fund more research and provide better seeds and chemicals to needy people around the world.

Their positions seem confident and certain.

You don’t hear much about Syngenta, which was founded in 2000 when the pharmaceutical companies Novartis and AstraZeneca spun off their seed and agriculture businesses to separate themselves from the negative publicity about sales of GMO seeds.

The histories of many of these corporations are a series of mergers, sales, and subsidiary establishments that seem designed to help companies evade responsibility for their actions and keep customers slightly confused.

And for good measure these companies make generous contributions to the election campaigns of politicians who serve on agricultural committees.

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