Make Friends With Stock

Yay!! I’ve lost 25.6 pounds total so far with 54.4 pounds to go to reach my goal!  My BMI has dropped from 36.9 to 33.1 and my goal is 24.9.

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Make Friends With Stock

Soup stock is a handy staple.

You can use it to boil rice and other grains, moisten meats, and, of course, create a base for soup.

By making stock at home, you can vary the flavorings and ingredients to suit your tastes.

But if you don’t have time to simmer stock on the stove, it’s perfectly fine to go the store-bought route.

Just be sure to study the labels carefully, as most canned stocks and bouillon cubes are high in sodium.

Look for low-sodium, fat-free varieties.

Recipe of the Day:  Chunky Onion Dip

Makes 12 (1/4-cup) servings

2-1/2 pounds yellow onions, peeled

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon onion powder

4 ounces Neufchatel cream cheese, room temperature

3/4 cup fat-free plain Greek yogurt

Flat-leaf (Italian) parsley leaves, for garnish (optional)

*Use as many organic ingredients as possible.

Halve the onions lengthwise and then slice them crosswise into 1/8-inch-thick half-rounds.

There will be about 4 cups.

In a large skillet, heat the oil over medium heat.

Add the onions and salt and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

Reduce the heat to low, cover, and cook, stirring occasionally, for 15 minutes, or until the onions are soft and beginning to release their juices.

Continue to simmer uncovered, stirring occasionally, for 15 to 20 minutes longer, or until the onions are lightly browned and caramelized.

Allow to cool.

There will be about 2 cups.

Place the onions in a food processor and pulse a few times to chop.

Remove half of the onions and transfer them to a bowl.

To the remaining onions in the food processor, add the onion powder and process until pureed.

Add the cream cheese and yogurt and process just until smooth.

Transfer the mixture to the bowl and fold into the chopped onions.

Taste and season as needed.

Chill for at least 1 hour.

Transfer the dip to a serving bowl and garnish with parsley leaves, if desired.

Per slice:  80 calories, 3 g total fat (1 g saturated), 5 mg cholesterol, 230 mg sodium, 11 g total carbohydrates (5 g sugars), 1 g fiber, 3 g protein.

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