Mastering Andropause

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Mastering Andropause

Despite years of jokes and ridicule, the science is clear:  Andropause, or male menopause, does exist.

Unlike female menopause, which comes out of nowhere and hits women like a ton of bricks, andropause – or partial androgen deficiency, its real name – is a slow, steady decline in several key hormones.

Starting at age 30, men’s testosterone levels drop about 10% each decade.

If a man starts to gain weight, his levels of a protein called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) increase, binding with active testosterone and making it inactive.

The higher the SHBG, the lower the bioavailable testosterone levels.

About 30% of men in their 50s have noticeably lower testosterone levels, which can lead to

Decreased libido


Erectile dysfunction


Lagging energy

Loss of muscle mass

Memory loss

Muddy thinking

Andropause can cause changes in your testes – sperm production slows down, testicular mass shrinks, and it sometimes causes erectile dysfunction.

The good news is none of this seems to impact a guy’s fertility much – many men go on to sire kids into their 70s.

What’s more likely to sideline a guy is a problem with his prostate:  About 50% of men experience benign prostatic hypertrophy, a condition in which the prostate gets larger with scar tissue, making it more difficult to urinate or ejaculate.

Thyroid-stimulating hormone also declines and cells start to lose insulin receptors, becoming less sensitive to insulin.

Fasting glucose levels can rise anywhere from 6 to 14 mg/dL every 10 years after age 50.

This is because the cells become less sensitive to the effects of insulin, probably due to a loss in the number of insulin receptor sites in the cell walls.

Diabetes and high blood pressure – also more common among older men – can lead to erectile dysfunction, a condition few guys want.

Here are a few ways to head off andropause as quickly as possible:


Again, exercise plays a role – not only is it great for your general well-being, it also decreases your fat and helps to keep a lid on your SHBG levels so your testosterone can wander around free, not bound to any proteins.

It also increases your bone and muscle strength, heading off any muscle wasting or fat building.

Don’t take testosterone without a doctor’s help.

Doctors have seen some pretty horrific cases walking through their doors these days, after people took their testosterone supplementation into their own hands.

If you’re mail-ordering testosterone from, say, Bulgaria, you’re essentially doping yourself with anabolic steroids.

By taking steroids without a doctor’s guidance, you run the risk of shutting off your own natural hormones coming from your pituitary, precursors to important chemicals you need every day.

You’re effectively shutting down your own testosterone production instead of increasing it.

Just say no!

Have more sex!

Guys tend to have fewer erections as they get older.

Up to 90% of erectile dysfunction comes from a physical cause, not a mental one.

But doctors say being able to have decent sex when you’re older is more likely if you’ve continued to have sex throughout middle age.

Eat veggie protein and fat.

One study found the best predictor of higher resting-testosterone levels was an increased level of saturated, monounsaturated, and total fat in a man’s diet.

Another study found protein – but only from vegetable sources – was linked to higher levels of testosterone.

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