Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Influences to Weight Management

mental   So far, we have concentrated on learning about the physical aspects of weight management.  Hopefully, this has given you some insights and understanding of the basic functioning and needs of your body.  You’ve learned how to physically support your body’s desire for health.  You can strive to become the best “body owner” you can be.  Will this be enough to attain optimal health or is there something else that can influence your overall well-being?

We are much more than just physical beings.

Many things interact to make us who we are.  We’re complex creatures with many levels to our being.

Let’s take a simple headache:

Below are examples of how our mental, emotional and spiritual aspects can influence physical health.

*Mental:  We all know we can “talk ourselves” into a tension headache.  Is it the physical stress that creates this type of headache or is it the self-talk we do about the stress that creates it?  Think about it.  If we can “self-talk” ourselves into a headache, shouldn’t the opposite also be true?  Shouldn’t we be able to “self-talk” ourselves out of the headache?  If stress and tension cause the headache shouldn’t the opposite be true?  Shouldn’t we be able to alleviate the headache through relaxation, meditation or de-stressing ourselves?

*Emotional:  Have you ever experienced one of those “instant headaches” that result from some major emotional stress?  You receive distressing news and within minutes you have a pounding head and/or upset stomach.  You get chewed out by the boss and develop an instant headache.

*Spiritual:  Have you ever been so “down in spirit” that your head aches just trying to think or function?

Our Total Being:

*Physical health means not only the absence of symptoms and/or disease, it also means feeling rested and energized, having glowing skin and hair, a healthy weight level, proper food digestion, proper waste elimination, and optimal immune function.

*Emotional health means being happy, content, joyful, able to cope with whatever comes along in life, stable, rational, and grateful.

*Mental health means clear thinking, good memory, and good mental skills.

*Spiritual health doesn’t mean just religion or religious beliefs.  Being spiritual means different things to different people.  In general, it means a sense of peace and joy, a sense of purpose, contentment, a sense of “connectedness to something higher or bigger”, or a sense of balance.

Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Connection:

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the basics of some ideas or techniques that can be used to address the various aspects of our total being.  We won’t distinguish between the three as they tend to overlap and inter-relate.  We won’t delve too deeply into any of these as there are many books available that specifically discuss each in great detail.  These are only meant to open your mind to various possibilities.  Find a method or idea that resonates or feels right with you because having this connection will help greatly in your weight management efforts!

Come join me on my weight loss journey.  I’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

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