Money is the Great Motivator

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Money is the Great Motivator

The most significant and fundamental barrier to finding solutions to our global environmental and health problems is the belief that everything we do needs to make money.

Wall Street investors are flocking to invest in agribusiness companies, because they seem to be among the few growing.

American consumers should be given the freedom to decide for themselves what to eat and what not to eat and food companies and food producers should have the independence to decide to inform consumers whether there are GMO ingredients in their foods.

We currently don’t have this freedom.

If chemical companies are free to introduce risky, untested products into the market, companies like Creekstone Farms Premium Beef should be allowed to tell customers it tests every slaughtered cow for mad cow disease.

But not only did Congress prohibit Creekstone from making this claim, it also isn’t even permitted to test.

The government has also actively prevented food companies and farmers from labeling their products as being free of GMOs.

They only way to be sure you aren’t getting GMOs and their chemicals is to buy food certified organic.

But even this isn’t a 100% guarantee.

Not only can some organic foods include up to 5% non-organic ingredients, but GMOs and their promiscuous pollens are sneaking into organic fields and contaminating our food.

During the summer of 2008, it seemed the root cause of our environmental and health problems as they related to agriculture was the government’s obsession with deregulation.

And then the global economic collapse occurred.

News reports accused deregulation of causing the economic collapse.

What’s behind the desire to deregulate?

Greed, certainly, but also an arrogant view greed has no consequence, we’re separate from nature and the universe – above the laws of it, not part of it.

Deregulation has allowed many agrichemical companies to “grow” fast and furiously using subprime products, techniques, and methods – based on petroleum and toxic chemicals – that can’t continue if we’re to survive.

The week the stock market fell dramatically, the shocking thing was the utter lack of interest, concern, and conversation about food, while people around the world rioted over food prices.

What were people talking about?


It was clear from the discussion among the world’s top leaders (including many from the Middle East) the end of oil is near.

The consensus was oil not only pollutes the world, but it also finances terror.

This is good news for organic farming.

Organic farming isn’t nearly as dependent on oil as chemical farming is, especially since most chemicals are made with natural gas and petroleum and need a lot of petroleum to be manufactured and transported.

Despite this, we in America are more concerned about how we’re going to keep our cars and TVs running than we are about feeding ourselves – and the rest of the world – properly and preventing the looming collapse of our ability to survive as a species.


Because there’s lots of money to be made in energy.

Our government needs to turn its policies upside-down and start giving tax breaks to those people and companies benefiting people and the planet and finding positive solutions to our food, farming, energy, and climate problems.

If we’re ever going to rebuild trust in our government, our economic structures, and our future, we must reorder our priorities.

To truly solve our problems, we need a paradigm shift in how we think about our economy, our businesses, and our government.

We have to put the safety of people and the planet first and reward the businesses who serve this mission.

It is possible.

Looking at how the USDA rules for organic certification came about tells a hopeful story of government action, one in which the patience and persistence of a dedicated group of individuals brought about a set of regulations to help people trust that organic truly is organic.

The USDA organic seal has become a symbol people can trust to ensure there are no toxic chemicals in their food.

It took more than 10 years of meetings in Washington by many people dedicated to creating those rules.

And it takes constant vigilance to keep the USDA organic program as pure as possible.

After the release of those rules, organic foods saw annual growth rates of 15-20% right up until the economic collapse.

The government, at the urging of a dedicated and concerned group of citizens, did the right thing and the marketplace rewarded their efforts.

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