Obesity-Diabetes-Silent Inflammation Connection

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Obesity-Diabetes-Silent Inflammation Connection

Obesity is one of the biggest generators of silent inflammation.

Because nearly 2/3 of Americans are now overweight, the epidemic of silent inflammation is also out of control.

Our diabetes epidemic has grown by 33% in the last decade.

It should come as no surprise all 3 epidemics have worsened in recent years.

All 3 are closely connected with a condition called insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance happens when your cells become less responsive to insulin, forcing your pancreas to continuously produce more insulin.

This excess insulin also increases the storage of body fat.

So the real question behind the current obesity epidemic is what actually causes insulin resistance?

No one knows for sure, but there’s a growing opinion the cause of insulin resistance may start in your endothelial cells.

Endothelial cells form a very thin barrier separating your bloodstream from your organs.

If this barrier isn’t working well, insulin can’t pass from your bloodstream through the endothelial barrier to interact with receptor cells.

Only when insulin interacts with these receptor cells can the cell take glucose from your bloodstream.

Any difficulty insulin has in getting to its receptors will keep blood glucose levels high.

Your body responds by pumping out still more insulin.

So now the question actually becomes, what causes this endothelial dysfunction?

The most likely answer is silent inflammation.

We already know endothelial cell dysfunction is highly associated with increased silent inflammation.

So what comes first – insulin resistance or silent inflammation?

An interesting study done at Louisiana State University recently showed taking 1.8 grams of pure DHA per day for 12 weeks decreased insulin resistance in overweight people by 70%.

To get that amount of DHA, you’d need to consume about 1 tablespoon of an ultra-refined EPA/DHA concentrate per day.

To test the idea of silent inflammation preceding insulin resistance, a small pilot study was done with obese children.

The children were randomly put into 2 groups.

All the children had a very high silent inflammation profile (about 30), as you might expect.

Both groups got exactly the same dietary counseling.

The only difference was one group also got high-dose fish oil (3 grams per day of EPA and DHA).

If silent inflammation was the main cause of insulin resistance, then the groups who got the diet counseling and the high-dose fish oil should’ve done much better in weight loss than the group only getting the dietary counseling.

This is exactly what happened.

As their silent inflammation profiles dropped, so did their weight.

This suggests silent inflammation may be the underlying cause of insulin resistance and therefore obesity.

This also means unless you treat the underlying silent inflammation, trying to lose excess body fat is going to be very difficult, as we already know so well.

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(Based on Dr. Barry Sears’ “The Anti-Inflammation Zone”)

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