Obesity From a Different View

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Obesity From a Different View

What if the epidemic rise in obesity in the last 30 years isn’t primarily due to the usual suspects (fast food, TV, junk food)?

What if it’s fueled by increased silent inflammation, which increases insulin resistance?

This means if you don’t reduce the underlying silent inflammation, anything else you do to reduce obesity may be doomed to failure.

It also means simply restricting calories won’t be enough to stop the obesity epidemic.

Some believe obesity starts with excess arachidonic acid (AA).

You get too much AA in your bloodstream either directly by eating too much of it (it’s particularly high in fatty red meats and egg yolks) or indirectly by eating too many high glycemic-load carbohydrates.

Either way, your body goes to great lengths to take excess AA out of circulation and store it away in your fat deposits to try to keep inflammation under control.

Here’s where the trouble starts – fat cells aren’t just passive balls of lard sitting on your stomach, thighs, and hips.

They’re very active glands and can secrete lots of inflammation if they’re given the right motivation.

As your fat cells become filled with more AA, overproduction of pro-inflammatory hormones in your fatty tissue begins.

Now you can probably guess what happens.

These “bad” hormones cause new inflammation and spew forth from fat cells into your circulation and generate silent inflammation.

Now before you start cursing all your fat, understand all fat is not equal.

Some types of fat are far more harmful than others.

It depends on their metabolic activity.

Subcutaneous fat, the fat collecting on your hips, thighs, and buttocks and making you look like a pear, isn’t very harmful.

It may not look too good, but at least it won’t kill you, because your body’s in no rush to get the AA out of these fat cells.

That’s why this type of fat is considered metabolically inactive.

It’s primarily a storage depot.

On the other hand, visceral fat can be a killer.

This kind of fat collects around your abdominal organs, like your liver, kidneys, and gallbladder and makes you look like an apple.

Visceral fat is very metabolically active and causes the constant release of stored AA into your bloodstream.

This is the last place you want excess AA, because it’s then taken up by each of your 60 trillion cells, making each one more likely to generate more silent inflammation throughout your body.

Visceral fat is even more dangerous because it continually releases other inflammatory markers.

Two of the worst are tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and inteleukin-6 (IL-6).

TNF creates even more insulin resistance, whereas IL-6 triggers your liver to make C-reactive protein (CRP), which stimulates your white blood cells to start an inflammatory response to a potential infection (even though there isn’t one).

This means the release of even more inflammatory markers.

About 1/3 of the CRP circulating in your blood comes directly from visceral fat.

This means the more visceral fat you have, the more silent inflammation you generate.

This is the smoking gun linking obesity with an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, or Alzheimer’s.

Anything increasing silent inflammation is bad for your future.

The 1-2 punch of silent inflammation and increased insulin resistance can lead to one of the most costly of chronic diseases:  diabetes.

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(Based on Dr. Barry Sears’ “The Anti-Inflammation Zone”)

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