Organic Can Help the World

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Organic Can Help the World

Fair trade is the best way to help people in other countries.

There are 1.1 billion people around the world who make less than $1 a day and live in desperate poverty.

Their best hope for improving their plight is creating organic products to sell to other countries.

And frankly, it’s the best and most respectful way we can help them.

Trade often has negative consequences – intentional and not.

Weeds, rodents, diseases, and insects are just as likely to travel as humans.

And our culture of fast food and violent entertainment has contaminated countries that were much healthier before we “exposed” them to our poor habits.

Melamine and lead contamination have taught us greed and corruption are universal.

And now we’re exporting our chemical-agriculture addiction.

Trying to overcontrol trade – whether of food or information – can lead to isolationism and dangerous political climates.

Undercontrolling trade can be just as devastating.

Organic farming increases and protects the planet’s biodiversity.

If you’re an animal lover of any kind, organic is for you.

A recent report states “life on earth is under serious threat.”

The report found 1/3 of amphibians, at least 1 in 8 birds, and 1/4 of mammals are on the verge of extinction.

Half of all plant groups are threatened.

Development and logging are responsible, but agriculture is as much, if not more, to blame.

The toxic effects of chemicals have reduced all species’ abilities to survive and reproduce.

Growing organic isn’t going backward.

When it was proposed to chemical farmers they switch to organic methods, they frequently asked, “Do you mean going back to the old way?”


It is good to apply the best of modern science, technology, and resources to constantly improve our understanding of nature and our ways of growing and producing food.

But, we can’t let corporations profit from killing us.

Chemical farming eliminates jobs.

Many farmers use chemicals to make their jobs “easier” by allowing them to farm more land with less labor.

Which means fewer jobs.

Whenever you hear a politician promising more “jobs,” think twice.

There are lots of different kinds of jobs.

Which job do you prefer:  working in a coal mine or on a farm?

Working in a chemical factory, knowing you’re likely to die from cancer and are contributing to causing it in others, or hard physical labor outdoors that’s likely to prolong your life?

We have traded good, healthy, and hard jobs for easier, unhealthy, and more deadly jobs – all in the name of “production efficiency.”

Government subsidies are the primary reason for the low prices of chemical foods.

Without government subsidies, chemical food wouldn’t be less expensive, but rather much more expensive.

Without government subsidies, farmers wouldn’t find it cost-effective to increase the amount of land they have in cultivation, buy larger machinery, and farm more with less labor by using chemicals to artificially increase their yields.

Organic foods have no hidden costs.

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