Organic Resistance

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Organic Resistance

Our resistance to unification over the organic standards is what makes it easier for chemical companies to succeed.

The many labels consumers see today – grass-fed, humanely raised, free-range, locally grown – reflect important value choices, but they make it harder for people to understand what each choice means and why it matters.

Chemical companies know most people make their decisions based on price, so they put all their energy and resources into keeping the price of food artificially low.

As a result, many people give up trying to figure out all the labels and just buy the cheapest foods, especially in tough times.

Big business and industry aren’t inherently bad or evil.

There are bad businesses and bad people, but scale doesn’t necessarily make them bad.

Big business, when focused on creating positive change, can make big changes happen fast.

Big business can make more good things available to people more widely, quickly, and affordably.

The same people who invented and mass-produced chemical fertilizers and pesticides also developed aspirin and many other chemical products to improve our lives.

We need to sort out what’s good from what’s toxic and make the right decisions for the future.

Demonizing those who don’t see the world our way is a waste of precious time.

Furthermore, whether you trust the government or not, government regulation is essential.

Thriving, healthy, growing economies and communities are built on trust.

But it’s crazy to think trust, without regulation, is enough.

When transactions go beyond one-on-one handshaking agreements, which they must in order for us all to survive, regulation becomes essential.

And when trust fails, as it has in the past, our whole economy fails.

The same is true for organics.

Regulations are essential to keep people honest, because there are so many steps in the food chain before products make their way to our tables.

Unless you live totally self-sufficiently, you’ll never be able to control every aspect of your food, so we must find ways to trust others to do as we would.

We’re not suggesting the government or anyone else should tell us what to eat.

No one is perfect.

Eating organic all the time is hard.

Hopefully, one day it won’t be.

Also, if people want to eat organic Twinkies, they should be able to.

There’s too much judgment in this world already.

Taste is personal and regional, and we don’t need food police to govern it.

We’ve seen the more you try to control what people eat or what they do, the more likely they’ll rebel.

Our supermarkets and fast-food places can exist, and thrive, in an organic world.

In fact, they have to.

People eat what tastes good to them, not because they like or prefer the chemicals in the food.

And people eat it because it’s cheap, not because they wouldn’t rather have a delicious organic meal at a nice restaurant.

We must make organic foods more widely available at reasonable costs to everyone, at every income level.

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