Organically Farmed Soil

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Organically Farmed Soil

For more than 2 decades the Farming Systems Trial (FST) at the Rodale Institute has been studying what happens over time to plants and soil in both organic and synthetic-chemical farming systems.

The most surprising finding of all has been that organically farmed soil stores carbon.

A lot of carbon.

So much, in fact, that if all the cultivated land in the world were farmed organically it would immediately reduce our climate crisis significantly.

Conversely, soil farmed using synthetic-chemical or “conventional” methods has very little ability to keep or build vital supplies of carbon in the soil.

This isn’t surprising, because farmers often apply fungicides as well as chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

These chemicals are meant to kill.

As a result of using these chemicals, a farmer is left with debilitated soil with weakened microbial life, a compromised structure, and a significantly impaired ability to withstand the stresses of drought and flood.

The fact we haven’t noticed the mycorrhizal fungi before shouldn’t surprise us.

We prefer our nature in the macro – the postcard vistas and views.

When it comes to the micro, we’d rather not look or know.

We know more about outer space than we do about the ground we live on, about the soil sustaining us.

In general we don’t care to think too much about soil.

Frankly, it’s not sexy.

In its verb form, it’s a synonym for something dirty or ruined.

Our most regular contact with soil probably is when it gets tracked into the house on muddy shoes.

Then we get out the bucket and mop and fill it with fresh meadow-scented antibacterial cleaners to purify our homes and protect our families.

In the 1950s, a promotional brochure for DuPont Farm Chemicals claimed, “Man against the soil:  The story of man in his rise from savagery to civilization is the story of his struggle to wrest his food from the soil.”

Soil is our enemy?

Television commercials for cleaning products show magnified images of bacterial villains who are out to get us, making us paranoid and afraid.

And yet, if all the germs and bacteria in our bodies and all around us were eliminated, we’d be dead within 2 weeks.

Why, then, are we so intent on wiping them out?

Suspend your fear of dirt and all those things we can’t see with our own eyes for a minute.

What we call “soil” is a living thing.

Just one tablespoon of soil can contain up to 10 billion microbes – that’s one and a half times the total human population.

We’re learning more each day about what goes on in that soil.

The discoveries are surprising – and incredibly important.

Right now, soil scientists understand less than 1% of all the living things in the soil.

But soil is more like us than like plants because the microbes in it breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.

Healthy, organic soil also stores massive quantities of carbon and holds it tightly, just like a tree holds on to and stores carbon in its trunk and limbs (which is why all of our forests, including the rain forests, are so important to our survival).

Think about this for a minute.

It’s about more than our climate crisis.

It’s about more than whether or not we can feed all the people on the planet.

When we destroy the normal functioning of our soil and spew more carbon dioxide into the air than we can sequester, we are suffocating ourselves.

We interrupt the essential balance between people and the planet, people and nature, and soil and plants.

It’s much, much graver than melting icebergs and rising ocean levels.

All this excess carbon dioxide is like a giant pillow being pressed down slowly but surely over our faces, and just as surely the earth is losing the ability to fight back on our behalf.

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