Oxidizer Test

Yay!! I’ve lost 25.6 pounds total so far with 54.4 pounds to go to reach my goal!  My BMI has dropped from 36.9 to 33.1 and my goal BMI is 24.9.

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Oxidizer Test

For each of these questions, write down the letter that corresponds to your answer.

You may not know the answer right off the bat – it may take a couple of days if you have to see a pattern, but really think about these questions and analyze how different foods affect you.

The better you know yourself, the greater your odds of achieving exactly the results you want.

1.  In the morning, you

A.  Don’t eat breakfast.

B.  Have something light like fruit, toast, or cereal.

C.  Have something heavy like eggs, bacon or steak, and hash browns.

2.  At a buffet, the foods you choose are

A.  Light meats like fish and chicken, vegetables and salad, a sampling of different desserts.

B.  A mixture of A and C.

C.  Heavy, fatty foods like steak, ribs, pork chops, cheeses, and cream sauces.

3.  Your appetite at lunch is

A.  Low.

B.  Normal.

C.  Strong.

4.  Your appetite at dinner is

A.  Low.

B.  Normal.

C.  Strong.

5.  Caffeine makes you feel

A.  Great – it helps you focus.

B.  Neutral – you can take it or leave it.

C.  Jittery or nauseous.

6.  The types of foods you crave are (sugar isn’t listed because everyone craves sugar when they’re tired or run-down)

A.  Fruits, bread, and crackers.

B.  Both A and C.

C.  Salty foods, cheeses, and meats.

7.  For dinner you prefer

A.  Chicken or fish, salad, and rice.

B.  No preference – choice varies daily.

C.  Heavier, fatty foods like pastas, steak, and potatoes.

8.  After dinner you

A.  Need to have something sweet.

B.  Could take dessert or leave it.

C.  Don’t care for sweets and would rather have something salty like popcorn.

9.  The types of sweets you like are

A.  Sugary candies.

B.  No preference.

C.  Ice cream or cheesecake.

10.  Eating fatty foods like meat and cheese before bed

A.  Interferes with your sleep.

B.  Doesn’t bother you.

C.  Improves your sleep.

11.  Eating carbs like breads and crackers before bed

A.  Interferes with your sleep, but they’re better than heavier foods.

B.  Doesn’t affect you.

C.  Is better than nothing, but you sleep better with heavier foods.

12.  Eating sweets before bed

A.  Doesn’t keep you from sleeping at all.

B.  Sometimes makes you feel restless in bed.

C.  Keeps you up all night.

13.  Each day, you eat

A.  Two or three meals with no snacks.

B.  Three meals with maybe one light snack.

C.  Three meals and a lot of snacks.

14.  Your attitude toward food is

A.  You often forget to eat.

B.  You enjoy food and rarely miss a meal.

C.  You love food and it’s a central part of your life.

15.  When you skip meals, you feel

A.  Fine.

B.  You don’t function at your best, but it doesn’t really bother you.

C.  Shaky, irritable, weak, and tired.

16.  Your attitude toward fatty foods is

A.  You don’t like them.

B.  You like them occasionally.

C.  You crave them regularly.

17.  When you eat fruit salad for breakfast or lunch, you feel

A.  Satisfied.

B.  Okay, but you usually need a snack in between meals.

C.  Unsatisfied and still hungry.

18.  What kind of food drains your energy?

A.  Fatty foods.

B.  No food affects you this way.

C.  Fruit, candy, or confections, which give you a quick boost, then an energy crash.

19.  Your food portions are

A.  Small – less than average.

B.  Average – not more or less than other people.

C.  Large – usually more than most people.

20.  How do you feel about potatoes?

A.  You don’t care for them.

B.  You could take them or leave them.

C.  You love them.

21.  Red meat makes you feel

A.  Tired.

B.  No particular feeling one way or the other.

C.  Strong.

22.  A salad for lunch makes you feel

A.  Energized and healthy.

B.  Fine, but it isn’t the best type of food for you.

C.  Sleepy.

23.  How do you feel about salt?

A.  Foods often taste too salty.

B.  You don’t notice one way or the other.

C.  You crave salt and salt your food regularly.

24.  How do you feel about snacks?

A.  You don’t really snack, but you like something sweet if you do.

B.  You can snack on anything.

C.  You need snacks but prefer meats, cheeses, eggs, or nuts.

25.  How do you feel about sour foods like pickles, lemon juice or vinegar?

A.  You don’t like them.

B.  They don’t bother you one way or the other.

C.  You like them.

26.  How do you feel about sweets?

A.  Sweets alone can satisfy your appetite.

B.  They don’t bother you but don’t totally satisfy you.

C.  You don’t feel satisfied and often crave more sweets.

27.  When you just eat meat (bacon, sausage, ham) for breakfast, you feel

A.  Sleepy, lethargic, or irritable.

B.  It varies day to day.

C.  Full until lunch.

28.  When you eat heavy or fatty foods, you feel

A.  Irritable.

B.  Neutral – they don’t affect you.

C.  Satisfied.

29.  When you feel anxious

A.  Fruits or vegetables calm you down.

B.  Eating anything calms you down.

C.  Fatty foods calm you down.

30.  You concentrate best when you eat

A.  Fruits and grains.

B.  Nothing in particular.

C.  Meat and fatty food.

31.  You feel more depressed when you eat

A.  Fatty or heavy foods.

B.  Nothing in particular.

C.  Fruits, breads, or sweets.

32.  You notice you gain weight when you eat

A.  Fatty foods.

B.  No particular food.  You gain weight when you overeat.

C.  Fruits or carbs.

33.  What type of insomnia, if any, applies to you?

A.  You rarely get insomnia from hunger.

B.  You rarely get insomnia, but if you do, you often need to eat something in order to fall back asleep.

C.  You often wake up during the night and need to eat.  If you eat right before bed, it alleviates the insomnia.

34.  Your personality type is

A.  Aloof, withdrawn, or introverted.

B.  Neither introverted nor extroverted.

C.  Extroverted.

35.  Your mental and physical stamina are better when you eat

A.  Light proteins like egg whites, chicken, or fish and fruits.

B.  Any wholesome food.

C.  Fatty foods.

36.  Your climate preference is

A.  Warm or hot weather.

B.  Doesn’t matter.

C.  Cold weather.

37.  You have problems with coughing or chest pressure.

If yes, “C”; if no, move on to the next question.

38.  You have a tendency to get cracked skin or dandruff

If yes, “C”; if no, move on to the next question.

39.  You have a tendency to get light-headed or dizzy

If yes, “C”; if not, move on to the next question.

40.  Your eyes tend to be

A.  Dry.

B.  Fine.

C.  Teary.

41.  Your facial coloring is

A.  Noticeably pale.

B.  Average.

C.  Pink or often flushed.

42.  Your fingernails are

A.  Thick.

B.  Average.

C.  Thin.

43.  Your gag reflex is

A.  Insensitive.

B.  Normal.

C.  Sensitive.

44.  You get goose bumps

A.  Often.

B.  Occasionally.

C.  Very rarely.

45.  You are prone to

A.  Constipation.

B.  No stomach problems.

C.  Diarrhea.

46.  When insects bite you, your reaction is

A.  Mild.

B.  Average.

C.  Strong.

47.  Your body type is

A.  Short and stocky.

B.  Average.

C.  Tall and thin.

48.  Your nose is

A.  Dry.

B.  Normal.

C.  Runny.

When you have finished the test, add up the number of A answers, B answers, and C answers.

We’ll discuss the results in the next post.

Come join me on my weight loss journey!  I’d love to have you along!

Have an awesome day!

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