Pain Control

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pain control

Pain Control

Don’t let pain prevent you from losing weight.

Pain is a message sent by your body to your brain, signaling disease, injury, or strenuous activity has caused trouble in somewhere.

Without pain, you wouldn’t be aware of many problems – from torn ligaments to appendicitis – until the problems became serious.

At low levels, pain can motivate you to rest the injured area so tissues can be repaired and additional damage can be prevented.

When severe, pain can motivate you to seek treatment.

Not all pain appears to serve a useful function, though.

While acute pain, the pain described above, can alert us to a problem needing immediate attention, in some cases pain lasts long after an injury has healed.

In other instances, pain may be caused by recurring backache, migraines, and other headaches, arthritis, and other disorders.

Referred to as chronic pain – which can be defined as pain occurring continually or intermittently for more than 6 months – this pain may signal an ongoing problem that can’t be fixed through treatment.

In this case, pain management becomes the goal.

For some people, pain is cyclical.

Pain produces anxiety, and this anxiety intensifies the pain.

Fear and anticipation of the problem can also heighten the pain, leading to feelings of depression and helplessness.

When experiencing this pain, it’s natural to limit your activities.

This can lead to a “chronic pain cycle,” which can adversely affect your confidence and self-esteem.

Being aware of the chronic pain cycle, as well as understanding its psychological effects, can help you avoid being drawn into it.

1.  The cycle usually begins with prolonged periods of rest and inactivity, causing a loss in physical strength, endurance, and flexibility.

As a result, you may begin to lose confidence in your ability to do things.

2.  Inability to perform usual activities at home or work promotes feelings of frustration, and you may begin perceiving yourself as unproductive.

This sense of lowered self-esteem may further lead to depression.

3.  During times when the pain subsides or is more tolerable, you may overexert yourself in an effort to prove you can still do things.

4.  As a result of the overexertion, the pain often returns and may be more severe than before.

You may find yourself unable to finish tasks or accomplish goals.

Discouraged and in pain, you begin limiting your activities, and the cycle begins again.

One way to keep from getting caught up in the chronic pain cycle is through pain management.

Often, the reduction of physical pain can prevent the cycle from starting.

There are a variety of treatments you can try to help alleviate pain.

Some do so on a purely physical level, like interrupting the pain process or desensitizing nerve endings.

Others approach pain control on a psychological level, by affecting your mind’s perception of the pain.

When treating pain, the physical and psychological can be intertwined.

Just as a physical reduction of pain may decrease anxiety and improve outlook, so can your mind be used to relax muscles and cause other physical changes which then reduce symptoms.

There are many different pain-control techniques available.

Depending on the cause of your pain, the level of your pain, and your own treatment preferences, you may want to try one or more of these techniques.

While some approaches (like using hot and cold packs) can easily be used on your own, other techniques (like biofeedback) need at least initial training by a qualified practitioner.

Some, like chiropractic, must be performed by a professional.

When possible, get referrals from your health care provider or from friends.

If a reputable pain clinic is available to you, this can be a wonderful resource – one offering a range of practitioners experienced in using a variety of pain-control techniques.

Make sure the professional you consult has successfully treated a condition like yours.

If you have questions about pain control, send us an email.

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