Parkinson’s and Inflammation

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Parkinson’s and Inflammation

Parkinson’s disease has similarities to both Alzheimer’s and ADD.

It’s an inflammatory neurological condition in a specific part of your brain characterized by the loss of dopamine.

Parkinson’s is one of the most feared neurological diseases, because you keep all your mental faculties inside a body no longer responding to your commands.

In other words, your mind is trapped in a dysfunctional body.

Unfortunately, simply replacing dopamine in your brain by giving oral doses of dopamine isn’t as easy as you might think.

Initial exciting results of giving dietary dopamine to people with extreme Parkinson-like symptoms, but not true Parkinson’s disease were recounted in the book (and movie) Awakenings.

In a matter of weeks, people who had been immobile and unable to speak were able to move again and reenter the world.

The side effects of this drug soon made it clear it wasn’t a good for long-term chronic treatment.

These side effects included uncontrolled tremors and new neurological problems.

Today, we hear about possible new treatments like implanting stem cells in the brain which, in theory, will grow into new nerve cells (and hopefully not become cancer cells).

These advances, however, may be decades away even if they prove to be useful.

But a safer and possibly more successful approach is already at available by reducing silent inflammation in the brain.

Optimism comes from the recent results in several people with Parkinson’s.

A particularly inspiring story is a 55-year-old world-class swimmer diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

He had set many world records in master’s competitions and wasn’t ready to give in to the disease.

He was immediately put on a regimen of high-dose fish oil (using a daily dose of about 15 grams of EPA and DHA) and strict adherence to the Zone Diet.

He’s now swimming faster than he was 3 years earlier.

Recently, he went to Utah to take skiing lessons for the first time in his life and the instructor told him he’d never seen such balance in a beginning skier.

Not bad for someone with Parkinson’s.

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(Based on Dr. Barry Sears’ “The Anti-Inflammation Zone”)

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