Poultices, Powders, Salves, and Syrups

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Poultices, Powders, Salves, and Syrups

Plasters, Compresses, and Poultices

These are ways of applying herbal remedies directly to your skin.

Plasters and compresses are cotton bandages soaked in infusions or decoctions and wrapped around the affected area or held on with pressure.

Compresses are also warm.

Poultices are made by moistening herbs, placing them on your skin, and holding them there with a bandage.

Moistened and warmed herbal tea bags also help soothe and heal.

Try using chamomile tea bags to relieve the itching and inflammation of insect bites and eczema.


Powders are dried herbs ground to a fine consistency.

You can sprinkle them over food, stir them into a liquid like juice or water for tonics, or add them to soup stocks.

You also can take them in capsule or tablet form.

Salves, Ointments, and Creams

These preparations combine a medicinal herb with an oily base for external use.

Creams are light and slightly oily, to blend with your skin’s secretions and allow the active ingredients to penetrate your skin.

The heavier and oilier salves and ointments apply protective remedies to your skin surface.


Syrups are used to improve the taste of bitter herbal formulas and to administer soothing cough or throat medicines.

Herbs often taken in syrup form include wild cherry, marshmallow root, and licorice.

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